i don’t understand what goes on in the heads of marketers

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seriously though i’ve had way too many runs killed by orin, touhou 11 is such a step up in difficulty from the previous games imo

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hate it when i’m in a museum after-hours and the fossils come back to life

our cat does not like sharing the bed. she is a tiny creature but she demands an entire mattress to herself

let he who has not pogged cast the first weirdchamp

correct me about frankenstein at your own risk

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personality quiz:

morning meal from a geographical region

i think someone was trying to tell me something about how without a money incentive, people won’t be innovative?? idk i couldn’t hear them over the sound of playing a 20 year old gamecube game with fanmade online that puts every major studio to shame

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this morning a modded melee client that supports rollback netcode and online matchmaking was released. ive been just playing random people from all over and having a blast. idk how the fuck they made this work but it’s so cool

i just learned about this silly gender thing and i wanted to do it too

protest information for those in portland. reposting from PNW Youth Liberation Front twitter.

Transcription: (Image is formatted in the style of the emergency curfew alert sent out last night.)

Emergency alert:
May 31, 6:00 PM
Rally against police brutality in effect 6 PM to abolition.
Laurelhurst park.

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