Civil disobedience
Civil rights organizing
And State surveillance
Black Anarchist view of "What we can learn from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

Covid, California 

We got a cool mutation of covid going on over here.
California innovation new strain of plague disease.

Prop 22 is a direct response to a lawsuit put forward by the California Labor Commissioner.

California lawsuit: Uber, Lyft committed wage theft

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Movie called Bliss looks like a cross between the matrix and total recall but with a shallow antihero πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Somebody cut off the branches of all the cherry blossom trees in Japan Town in san Francisco.
Cant help but to think that's race based violence.

If this shit had happened in Latin America the US State Department would have recognized the neckbeards as the legitimate rulers by now

an option for folks who don’t think owning a gun is safe for them 

reminder to ppl who don’t feel comfortable owning firearms for mental health reasons that there are lots of other very effective forms of self defense weaponry that you can own that are less of a self harm risk!

some great options:
-aluminum baseball bats
-stun guns/tazers/electrical weapons
-throwing knives
-quality bow & arrow

self defense doesn’t have to mean guns!

State fascists and civilian fascists playing a casual game of red rover weaker in the Capitol than in a schoolyard.

shout out to indigenous people specifically right now this is utter bullshit but hearing "ooh the 'sacred' land of america lawmakers and politicians" isn't shit and it never was. πŸ–€

uspol, PSA re: epilepsy, boosts appreciated 

If anyone seeing this suffers from photosensitive epilepsy, please do yourself a favor and avoid the news right now. The police are using strobe lights to push back protesters.

Even if you don't suffer from epilepsy, it might be a good idea to turn the news off anyway. You're right to be upset, scared, even furious. But remember to take care of yourself. Conserve spoons. Stay safe.


police cheif says lying through his teeth, saying they "breached police lines" when we've all seen the footage of police letting them in.

"chemical irritants on police" has been said, I've seen nothing about this, only the police using tear gas.

6pm curfew announced "if you are found to be in violation of the curfew, police will be required to take action"

police chief says "riot"

uspol, sincere, gun 

nah my worry isn't this shit actually, it's what every white supremacist *not* in DC will learn by seeing how much they can get away with. we all need guns.

big fan of watching this unfolding and remembering when guns were held to my face while handcuffed for no reason besides the cop was bored probably

police started as an anti-riot reaction, an anti-labor movement, they really only gun down workers and minorities, they will not stop the ruling whites from doing whatever the fuck they want

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thats literally white privilege just in case it wasn't obvious to anyone

this is the perfect example at how the cops aren't even there to primarily protect the government

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But the Fascists know the secret, and we the Left better learn it fast: Nothing happens "should" or "shouldn't" if you don't make it happen.

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