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Hi!! My name is Taylor. I'm 20, I go by they/them and I'm chronically ill. I either post every fucking thought that comes into my head or use this as some form of diary there's no in between.

Kind of a furry but mostly interested in furbies. Will not shut the fuck up about furbies. I love them. I have over a hundred.
I also yell about how much I love my boyfriend p frequently.

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blocking everyone on a discord server so clicking on blocked messages to reveal them is like a lootbox

This sounds rly miniscule and silly but uh. We have two types of ADHD in this house. My roommate lives off of coffee bc it calms him down. I cannot touch caffeine bc it makes me see god.


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Uh oh accidentally drank non decaf coffee

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Josh from watchdogs 2 deserves a tangle and a hug.

Cop mention 

The cop blocked me bc i yeeted back statistics, I'm laughin

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Just remembered that damn frog meme existed :cowboy_skull:

I posted smth on :birdsite: for once and a cop replied to me looking for an argument :acab:

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The ability to make kandi has genuinely made me a menace recently and I love it

Satanism mention, political kandi 

One of my alters uttered the words "kawaii satanist" after I made this kandi bracelet and it was a slap in the face


I can't go out and join my local protests bc I'm immunocompromised so I've been doing everything I can @ home.
I'm so glad that my city is protesting and if protests r still happening when it's less dangerous I hope that I can join.

The UK has suuuper covert racism and its really gross. 0/10 would recommend this country.

Hhh my island is FINALLY 5 STARS its all I've been doing recently

Normality is for squares I'm VERY CIRCLE SHAPED

I try rly rly hard to make sure the little happys count bc i have The Big Sad and stacking up The Big Sad up against The Little Happys is always difficult
HOWEVER if u stack up enough Little Happys, u can yeet the Big Sad for a little bit

I spent all of my spoons shaving my legs, eyebrows and head >:( onto knives now

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