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Hi!! My name is Taylor. I'm 20, I go by they/them and I'm chronically ill. I either post every fucking thought that comes into my head or use this as some form of diary there's no in between.

Kind of a furry but mostly interested in furbies. Will not shut the fuck up about furbies. I love them. I have over a hundred.
I also yell about how much I love my boyfriend p frequently.

Being a carer, repetition 


It sounded like I was mistreating my caree the entire time because the water was cold and he kept screaming lmao

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The best way to absorb twitter is passively, through screenshotted tweets

baby supplies help request 

My wife has a week of 8 hour apprentice classes, leaving my 2 week old and I alone. I am disabled and just gave birth, so my mobility freakin’ sucks right now. I’ve added a couple of items to my registry that would make it a bit easier on us, namely an extra pumping set (so I can have one dry and one washing at any time) and a hand pump to up my supply. The heated massager also helps supply but is mostly a bonus 😂 any help would rock!

Being a carer, delays 

I'm honestly just frustrated at the delays.
I want my friend to get better and everything in the world seems against it.

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Being a carer, delays 

Haha the nurse came round and told us not until Monday! Despite us being promised he'd be in on Friday. I know it's not their fault but it fucking sucks bc now we have to unpack stuff again and deal with this potentially causing a spiral. I'm so fucking frustrated.

One day the nurse will come round........... :mario_flop:

Every single time I draw Stax, clip studio paint crashes and corrupts the file. I have a cursed rabbit on my hands.

Hello kitty grimoire pages 

Two of my favourite grimoire pages. Mostly bc they're precure stickered.

Brief food mention(?) 

Was super sleepy, had a snack, was no longer sleepy.


[vibrates] I have a week until my top surgery talks

Being a carer 

There weren't beds available today so they're saying Friday he'll be able to go in. I just want him to be able to recover

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They evolved! I was aiming for hanatchi but i got masktchi.

Testing out a new style with this and I think?? I like it

I managed to change my clothes and I am feeling cute today

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