all my life iโ€™ve always had family members be like โ€œwhat does your boyfriend think!!โ€ when they see my hairy legs lol but the thing isโ€ฆโ€ฆ i donโ€™t date people that would care about body hair anyway.

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ok i like that the weather is getting nicer but that also means iโ€™m going to have to start shaving again

idiot right wing customer 

heโ€™s literally giving a woman a lesson on parenting and homeschooling by โ€œbreaking them downโ€, โ€œpushing them until theyโ€™re REALLY challengedโ€ and โ€œtraining them for their future jobsโ€ like??? let them be kids weirdo. meanwhile he got cps called on him cause he always leave his kids in the car during the summer to bother us for hours lol

my gay awakening 

Lucy in Bram Stokers Dracula. i remember seeing parts of that movie as a kid and feeling a lot of shame for some reason??? and it was only recently that i actually watched it and realized that itโ€™s cause Lucy had me feeling some type of way lmao

alc, being embarrassing 

getting drunk with people isnโ€™t even fun for me anymore. i end up spending the next day just thinking about every little thing i said and did and feeling mortified. is this what being 25+ is like lmao

would not recommend ever working out (especially your lower half) if you live on the 3rd floor of your apartment complex

alc and weed and getting sick 

drank and smoked too much on a empty stomach at a coworkers house last night and i puked in her trash :( my damn boyfriend drove an hour to her place so he could take me home lol. i havent done anything like that in years omg it was so embarrassing

Selfie, nothing exists in a vacuum 

First, I love the art on this shirt. The batwing person and the dog that is alligator coloured are my favourites.

Yeah, I'm a tankie

Excellent Dude

Me sowing: haha yaaay eeeeee
Me reaping: uh oh oh no uh uh oops uh oh whoppsie oh no uh oh oh no

A gun and son of a gun are in an accident, and are both badly hurt. They are taken to separate hospitals. When the son of a gun is taken in for an operation, the surgeon says โ€œI can not do the surgery because this is my son of a gun.โ€ How is this possible?


hey, iโ€™m julia. iโ€™ve been around here and there the past few years. i like weed, coffee, and my cats. i like to shitpost and talk to my online friends so shoot me a toot.

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