@Demonsthenes13 Honey; THAT IS HOW YOU GET ANTS! Do you want ants?
Because that is how you GET ANTS!

@Mnemonic little black sugar ants, I can deal with...the fire ants can go fuck themselves :kirby_walk:

@Demonsthenes13 Pretty sure they fuck everything except themselves :blobcatgoogly:​ nless you're the queen :googlyeyes_blobcat_thisisfine:​

So, I opt for the carcass option ;) with the flies you can go fishing :blobcatfishnom:​

@Mnemonic I can also get bees attracted to the carcass and get more honey out of the deal :blobcoffeeraccoon:

Get in some wasps, because I dunno about bees, but wasps eat meat! :blobcatgooglytrash:​

@Demonsthenes13 I would send the wasps in early, to ckean the meat, then the bees can hang the hive(s) from the ribs... nicely, without conflict 🐝

Oh, and I only bossted the last one, so peeps don't get spoilers about what they are about to dive into... Just:
totes win win :blobraccoon:​

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