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Hi, I'm Glume. I'm 38, just realizing I'm non-binary and disabled this late in life. I do art, watch trashy B-movies, and listen to metal when I'm not extremely busy chasing my two year old. I'm probably going to post things in a dramatic range from serious to nonsense so here we go. Here's some drawings I did of my goblin Glume in various cartoon styles, for that visual pop:

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Oh good the migraines are back I was starting to get worried.

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Hi, I'm Morganne! I'll do a #pixelart #portrait# #commission for anyone* willing to throw down $60 for 100x100 meticulously placed pixels.

*ALMOST anyone. No NFT's for sure though.

Image marked sensitive for eye contact so hopefully this is still an effective advertisement?

Woke up migraine free for the first time in like four days. Holy heck that was hard.

Looking up cluster headaches online is fun because it's like "nobody knows what they are or where they come from, but one things for sure, you're great at them!"

I'm only doomposting because I've had cluster headaches for three days. Everything sucks when your brain hates you this much.

If you aren't depressed and friendless, are you even a 90s kid?

Tfw you have a horrible migraine for the second day in a row and your husband's best friend decides to play some disgusting movie to loudly laugh at for the two child free hours you have. Ffs.

Theres this person I used to work with (and actively resent for getting more work with less seniority blahblah) who is now trying to befriend me, and they're perfectly nice but our personalities do not jive so every interaction seems forced... and I'm realizing I'm probably that person to a lot of people I try to befriend. uhoh.

I slept for 8 hours in a row last night for the first time since I was a teenager, but its a hollow victory because it feels no different than my normal 5.

Here's to waking up and choosing violins.

I know nothing about him other than I want to get in a fist fight with him for the rights to his last name.

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Atheist version of praying where you just stare in the mirror saying "you better not let this happen you friggin jerk"

Tfw some YouTube game reviewers last name is randomly your deceased father's old gaming name.

Ever have both of your glasses' nose guards break off and get them slammed on your face super hard by your kid? I do not recommend it.

...about to google every spice I've ever used.

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But seriously, I haven't been able to breathe through my nose for like... my whole life? And all I had to do was eat a Turmeric and now I'm just quietly NOT suffering? Who is responsible for keeping me this ignorant for this long?

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I need to start putting more of my BS on here so I can actually make friends and socialize instead of yelling into the void like once a month at 3am about Coolio or whatever.

Putting turmeric in my coffee and calling myself a kitchen witch.

I fully believe Snoop Dogg is a furry.

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