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Hi, I'm Glume. I'm 38, just realizing I'm non-binary and disabled this late in life. I do art, watch trashy B-movies, and listen to metal when I'm not extremely busy chasing my two year old. I'm probably going to post things in a dramatic range from serious to nonsense so here we go. Here's some drawings I did of my goblin Glume in various cartoon styles, for that visual pop:

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Time for my mastodon #introduction I guess!

I've been making games for as long as I can remember, no matter the medium. Low resolution #pixelart and games are very close to my heart.

These days I obsess over #pico8 making little experiences every now and then. Check out the most recent stuff at .

Currently trying to squeeze Diablo2 into a very small box.

Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here with mad imposter syndrome after being invited to a gamedev server full of actual legends. Y'all don't know I'm just a disabled stay at home parent, do you?

tfw your D&D group is meeting for the first time in months and you have no idea where any of your supplies are at.

My kid clearly makes me watch too much sesame street.

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I feel like Zoe on sesame street got a raw deal. Like that poor tutu wearing monster was somehow not girly enough, they had to bring in a pink fairy to replace her.

Just over here mixing plaids because I'm a fucking boss.

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Making a new #introduction and #commission post. Hi! I'm Morganne, I do #pixelart #portraits (and other things,too!) I'm a narcoleptic, a parent, a metalhead and horror movie enthusiast. I try to keep this account mostly art focused, but I'm sure other things will slip in as well. Image marked sensitive for eye contact and body horror

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A #pixelart #comission for youtube's TessThe5th. It was a joy to work on this project with Tess, and I love how it turned out. Marked sensitive for eye contact.

Tiny Tim was punk rock and you cannot convince me otherwise.

Folks who keep posting that study that says children don't get hyper from sugar have obviously never given a child a single bite of candy.

Me as a clown for halloween, and I hate it. 

tfw your regular attire can be turned into a last minute clown costume.

Me to my dog: You gotta stop leaving the door open all the time, bro.

I'm always stuck right between wanting to know what my online friends look like and never wanting to know what my online friends look like because I already have such a strong headcanon of their actual appearance.

Spent the night doubled over in pain because I dared to eat two "sugar free" protein bars as a treat. Its not even on the box, its hidden in a long assed ingredient list next to actual sugar and syrup... what do you folks thing sugar free even means?

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Dear jerks who make food for diabetics, stop putting stevia in every sugar free thing. I hate you.

Sorry, bitches, my personality is coffee, we are sworn enemies.

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I'm a nonbinary parent who got an app to try to make "mom" friends but to my dismay everyone's personality was Wine.

Receiving hundreds of likes for my art on the tweeter: 🙃

Receiving one favorite on some random bs I post here: 😍 😊

The cool thing about being narcoleptic is sometimes I dream of songs that simply don't exist. I woke up with the lyrics "Here I am, walking in the boneyard!" playing on repeat in my noggin.

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