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i just want to let my messy feelings out but not actually make a mess!

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I am philly!
I like living below ground and collecting shinies.

If you already know me, then you know me.
If you don't, you should find me on Radical Town before following unless you're here for goblin content. But be warned, there will be sad posts as well

People have alot of good feelings for a movie that, at last watch, made me seriously uncomfortable with racism and misogyny

i just want to let my messy feelings out but not actually make a mess!

john stuart mill is where you go to grind down your john stuarts

rhys sent me some new procreate brushes and ive been having a blast!!, this is what i did today (3.5 hr estimate)

Why did I stop using Windows? 

Kick my ass directly in to the sun

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When was the last time a truly cursed old person hellthread happened? Too long I say

Look, I'm not saying ya'll on drugs, in fact, maybe ya'll should try that

I farted into the toilet and she got scared and ran away. Nice

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Harvey has decided we're close enough to share a bathroom now

*sits down heavily on bar stool* can i get a One? make it Normal

sure they say the breadsticks are unlimited, but after a certain amount they start throttling the speed

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