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i just want to let my messy feelings out but not actually make a mess!

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Introduction post 

I am philly!
I like living below ground and collecting shinies.

If you already know me, then you know me.
If you don't, you should find me on Radical Town before following unless you're here for goblin content. But be warned, there will be sad posts as well

who has a misskey account and wants to play misskey with me

If I saw a German miner I would just protect them from cave ins and lead them to rich veins in return for bear and bread

Medication, still lewd adjacent 

If you'd told me this was a side effect of my meds before I took them I might have not taken them. But honestly, now that it's happening, it's great. Freed from the bonds of horny

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Personal, lewd 

Ah, that was fun, time to not think of my penis as something besides to piss out of or wash for another month

Going the completely other direction with Angus, insisting that the good boy is so dry as to cause miracles

When faced with a flood, wall of water can effectively be turned away by quietly whispering "angus" towards it

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@SeanAloysiusOBrien yeah this guy working at their factory was doing some fancy footwork on the catwalks and he fell into a giant vat of acrylic for the lenses

it's a good thing there was a good girl version of my old name because otherwise i might have been like "sure my name is... fucken uhhh... credenza"

final four, alcohol 

i have absolutely gotten trashed in a baylor parking lot before lmao


"Dependency Hell" "broken" "no documentation"-just some of the reviews of my instance branch

Alright time to fix the instance before I forget and wonder why I can't log in in the morning

vaxxed keynesian isfp seeks same. sTem4sTem. believe science. must love dogs. emacs users needn't apply

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