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Organizing my thoughts based around a thought exercise that happened Saturday about "what do we hate about eachother" and I added Harvey to the list

"Everybody will love gordi the giant stuffed monkey that you can cuddle with"
After a week with the kids: "I regret to inform you that gordi is 'creepy' and 'disturbing' and only me and Luis like him"

Hey ya'll,
It's the beginning of the month and we've taken a harder look at the finances of our mutual aid group and while things aren't *dire* we are falling a little behind on what comes in and goes out for the work we do. Any amount you give, whether through patreon monthly or a one time donation through our venmo goes directly to the community here in Greensboro. So if you have money you'd like to see go to a good use, I'm humbly asking to consider giving to WHOA

!!! I need to fix my instance so it can be my avit over there but uhhhhhhhh commissions just dropped!

Thea emoji by Rhys and me avi by felix!

The face when your absence has been noticed but you were actually here the whole time

POV: I'm chilling on the couch but I'll make room for you now that you're here!

My buddy said he'd buy a headset if I got forza and when I said he needed to show me a receipt first he sent the first picture. When he eventually *did* buy a headset that will not blow out my headphone speakers (and proved it) he asked to see how far my download was

Eye contact, covid adjacent 

I am going to hug my grandma!

Fuckboi vibes, but unfortunately I like the look so here we are

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