Like... it's not twitter those people have to have a path to your posts. Federated timelines don't magically get every post ever, it requires some kind of connection

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"Why do people keep posting very weird replies to me?"
Maybe because your friend is the literal tether to the worst kinds of scum on the platform

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People who have unlocked follows are incomprehensible to me. Oh, you like boosting posts to whatever shithead instance did a follow bot this week?

I have no idea why this is something I do, it makes no sense. Maybe it's because the tub and toilet are in a separate room from the sink/mirror so I think of that room as a place I don't have clothes on?

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Me: I am very normal

Also me: alright, cleaning my shower tub and toilet, time to get naked

Instance running thoughts 

I have to say I really enjoy running my own instance, even if it is a cost in both money and time. What price can you put on going through and deleting every dall-e post someone makes with a fucked up human face that creeps you out without having to block/mute the person forever?

@magicalmilly it changed on my side mid-reply which was jarring but other than that it's one I'm generally ok with

Me: wow, wish everyone would stop writing cursed stuff
*Monkey paw curls*
Me: .... what does that mean?

Do I order food.......

@bees computers: not to be trusted to understand the very very real concept of time

@bees best I can tell they're front end rounded, once it's leas than five minutes it's 4

Jesus who knew backing up a server could take more than 20 seconds

@byttyrs I am currently fighting myself who thinks I'm late for something no one expects me to do and if it was something I was supposed to do I'd still be early for another 30 minutes leaving time

Using my roommate's chair today, for apparent reasons

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