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Did I break all images again? Yes. But I can post in the box

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Boosting all the hits everytime I get a new follower hits different on my backup alt

Pov: you're my neighbor watching me yell this at a bee

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Please do not pollinate me, I am not a flower


Love to put myself out there, it is easy for me

Honestly I think the worst thing about Arbys is the fact that they make you ask for horsey sauce

She was standing at the door waiting to come inside earlier and started to come in and say [youngest] and immediately turned around lol

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She is happy to be here (now that the kids are at the park, where I'm going now)

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The tag is entirely responses to Thomas, as it should be

In the course of this I found out Jay Carney is putting his extensive practice lying and spinning to use as an Amazon employee

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