i making haearth stone cardz 2 !!! 

could be more elegantly worded. And should probably cost 4? or 5?

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i making haearth stone cardz 

woah i guess ?? i was tempted to make it costs (0) but i think that'd be too much lmao

mini poem, but its a picture now 

this is for my performing arts course and i think its neat. im gonna read a poem about queer shit its neat.

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selfiez, oh my god they went and done it (ec) 


book i wannna get 

look its a nonbinary main character (WOAHHH)
written by a nonbinary author (WOAAAAAA)

card game screen shot 

hearth stone . video game.

fursona time 

here is frog frog frog. i'll probably neaten em up at some point.

selfi, dungaree pics 

i am very scruffy rn its cool its cool.

doin portraits n fuckin around w oil pastelz 

guess who !!!

hand practice !! 

its good to kinda like seperate into different planes its cool.

its a drawing. i busted some shapes 

oooo yeea

i did an, what the cool kids call, 'self portraitΓ©' 

nice :)

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