thinking about emailz 

@Aleums unfroatunely its taken but im thinkin bout birds now democracy is a fuCKING scam

do u know what dogging is

need to make a cool email adress i need help. i want it to have jaye in it somewhere . and it has to be cool

i am chooseing my email provider based on the word after the @ . thats the sensible choice why is it not called something cool like zebra zebra stop

whats like the duck duck go equivalent of emails

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@Timmy @pizza thank u masto don dot com confuses me i need al the help i can get lmao

oh im gonna make a fuckin tik tok . a tik tok. tikck tockc

food, i made this same post yesterday 

i been eating too many pringles.. ...

I'm going to bully the bottoms into ceding keysmashing back into the public domain so that I can keysmash to respond to ridiculous things again without my top status being slandered

Joris Voorn establishing dominance over a Juno 106 and a Model D damn he could do with some moisturizer am i riiiiiggggght ha aha aaaaaahhh ha

..... ..... .....
....................... HHhhnghhh gotta post gotta post gottat post gotta post post post post post post post post post this is me after squats. i am able to walk through walls and kick things into the next dimension

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