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i am being open minded and my brain is falling out

selfie, ec, boosts + 

please validate me and my ridiculous lockdown mop

they say art is dead, but if it isn't yet we need to kill it

"they're just robots morty, its ok to shoot them, they're robots"

"they're not robots rick"

"it's a figure of speech morty, they're tories, i dont respect them. just keep shooting morty"

hey so uuhh.. i just learnt that.. like.. the entire universe doesn't revolve around me..? .... like... what the fuck im kinda pissed

4 the real jaye fans 

me n the cool boy were talkin bout napping, sent him this,.. n he agree'd it was cute. heheh.

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cute date idea: involuntarily nap and wake up not knowing what year it is

food, ice cream 

>:( tell me ur ice cream flavour s!!!!! >:((((((((((((( i wanna know :)

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food, ice cream 

tell me ur favourite ice cream flavour !!

if i had a thing that shooted i would simply not shoot myself in the foot

wanna do that lil falsetto on lucille that lil richard song its cool

card game screen shot 


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