blaseball, food 

I feel compelled to eat peanuts

Have mercy on us brightest of stars, Cardigan B The Third, Keeper of The Sands of A Good Time

Just thinkin' about posts.. just puttin out content. Thats what im here for. What should I post next? I'm cool, I'm hip, I'm relateable, I'm 35. I'm sure I'll think of something

when will a lizard learn that endotherms are just portable warm rocks?


*stormy weather voice* Peanut Weather 🎢

Can't believe im watching so much splorts

regarding last boost; I too would like you all to give Super Monkey Ball a chance

look, i've boosted a bunch of very good selfies, and i demand attention

good sticker design: yes or no? (poll in replies)

my artistic portfolio is very broad. I draw skulls wearing sunglasses, and I also draw butts wearing sunglasses

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@umalkosh Like, Christianity may have grown out of Judaism but that doesn't give Europeans the right to co-opt Jewish Mysticism.

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