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Ok.. this is now about Marlene On The Wall by Suzanne Vega which is about Marlene Dietrich

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need italian mafia boyfriend to explain politics to me from a to z

Reading too much into lyrics to make them gayer\more trans? Couldnt be me

hyperlink thinks he can get away with being the cutie uwu tw*nk poster of the web. cute pink avi. fun cartoon band, fun music.

they've been sneaking the most cursed content onto your TL since day one. open your eyes people

goblin stance selfie, ec 

私とζ—₯本θͺžγ‚’γŠθ©±γ—γγ γ•γ„( ✌︎'Ο‰')✌︎

caption your images, and fuck whatever app or whatever is auto-captioning with the file name. extremely tired of opening up a caption to see the equivalent of "check it out, y'all: img_3765.jpg"

trump putting mike pence(SOMEONE WHO LITERALLY DOESN'T BELIEVE IN SCIENCE) in charge of leading the defense against the coronavirus after cutting funding for the cdc and fired lead people in charge of protecting the nation against pandemics a month ago is fucking disturbing

it's like they want people to die...

link to snopes confirming that trump fired the us pandemic team

Right I forgot.

If anyone wants to directly support a trans masc dropping $10k on top surgery next month, you can drop me funds into my paypal or via venmo.

venmo: crookedtricking

think a lot about the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University in Michigan--the basic idea of it is that it's a museum of racist memorabilia, documenting the way that cultural knickknacks supported the racist system in the US in the past and present. but the truly phenomenal part of it is that it's always accepting object donations. if you ever, say, discover an old racist lamp in your dear grandma's attic and want to get rid of it, you can ship it to the museum and they'll give you a tax-deductible receipt

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