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Hi folks, I hope you took a look at my bio!
It me, a furry goblin

Sometimes my posts and boosts are gross. Feel free to mute or block. I'm not here to actively harm anyone or be on the edge of conflict.

I will try to caption most images and or provide a Content Warning for some things (such a food pics or selfies) - that said some of these posts can be a bit of a mess. It's ok to let me know to redraft some of them.

I may thirst post or flirt but I'm in a closed relationship.

Singing wake me up inside to try to activate my guts

ok the shawn mendes furry movie rocks. lyle lyle crocodile is a dude who rocks. finally, paddington for america

I hope monads makes good on its promise of destroying America

Love to see a bear stick their face in the water and have a look-see


it only works if America starts shit with them first. their entire damage build is riposte-centric.

but at that point yeah America is fuckin blackened toast.

Having an allergy attack on my dick
Uhhh i need to fuck some claritin quick

stochastic terror works for the right but does not work for the left because the gradient of violence in society is away from power. marginalised are far less likely to receive opportunities to enact violence on their oppressors than the reverse. overcoming that takes organisation and concerted effort

Aw, I bet some centrists are making some real frowny faces and talking about dystopian pop culture parallels today.

got the first political fundraising email based on Roe v Wade being overturned already

christ the next couple of years are gonna be bleeeeak

It would be cool if a comet struck the Supreme Court of The United States and incinerated them.

Congrats made your indelible mark on history

For any non Americans, let me contextualize the court’s recent decisions:

The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that Americans have a universal right to arm themselves in public, striking down a New York law that placed limits on carrying guns outside the home. In other words, they decided this was absolutely not something states should decide for themselves.

They then today struck down all federal abortion policy, declaring that his was obviously a state matter, and not something federal at all.

Sometimes feel like my look steals butch dyke valor

*Notorious BIG voice* 🎶 MO MO MO MORBIUS 🎶

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