Someone starts taking about the inherent eroticism of the sea and I’m like, “Ohh, have you ever heard Ocean Man by Ween. Yeah there’s an otamatone version..”

listening to Ocean Man at least 10 times a day clears your pours and hydrates your skin

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On a more personal note, I have been listening to Ocean Man by Ween

hanging out around a whalefall waiting for my pals

+mundane, -ph 

walked around a somewhat steep trail monday and my legs are still barking at me, oof. Age + weight is staring down at me like, "You dumbass! You absolute fool"

I guess it was worth it. The view of The Palisades\river was nice and misty. I got to pass under a couple roads via a couple of short tunnels. Then I guess at the bottom of the trail see a bunch of garbage, railway debris and a little patch of mushrooms

*looks at the home timeline* Hey, it's just like that home I left

this is also the greek myth that explains the creation of dildos

Bro yuo wanna fihgt bro!?!? I'll mutual aid your b-hole so hard brah!



Ahh four loko gold, the dark piss of malt liquors

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