transmitting rays of pure negative ki through my computer screen into my boss' eyes

a wholesome meteor that just wants to headpat the earth

meant to post these for but I forgot. please look at my strong majestic son

♬╰('Ο‰' )β•―Ξžβ•°( 'Ο‰')β•―β™ͺ

Pretty dinner 

RagΓΉ (of Field Roast sausage) with ricotta and lemon zest, green beans with toasted pine nuts

Imagine having a falsetto that had a soulful timber :blob_dizzy_face:

kneading my gamer chair like a cat before I sit down

*deep, foreboding voice* well butter my butt and call me a biscuit

Found a note on my windshield this morning: "haven't seen me in my cage for a while, huh? There's a reason for your six bitcj. Yours truly, koopa"

Also discovered Pearl Jam released a song called Superblood Wolfmoon, its kinda fun

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