further signs that whoever built your dwelling didn't care about you:

It doesnโ€™t mean Iโ€™m not trustworthy or true about who I am or what I like, it just means how I behave really differs

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One thing I thought about today is that my internality? Consistency of person hood? Authenticity of self? For me changes around who I am and there is deep legitimacy to the imposter syndrome I feel in every day life

remembered that i got a copyright ding over big tiddy alf and lmfaoing alone in my house

I don't like the ocean, there's too much of it and it seems pretty full of itself

Got my ass kicked for a few hours playing Battle of Olympus for the NES then decided hey, maybe I should be using save states

my xiv character went from a catboy to a catman. what is that journey like? it's like $10 or so


commission me

i'll do art for you

queue it up!

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