hulk Hogan about to take a swig from a bottle of piss 

this is so funny

*looks at one of his shitty old poetry attempts* Damn, check out these screamo lyrics

I’m ready for my pee therapy Mr. De Mille

Hope everyone's been kawaii and poggers while I've been away

jacking it with peter to charge pauls crystal

You, foolish, when your follower count goes down: they just couldn't handle how real I am

Me, wise: I bet that person died in some kind of toilet accident

I've got this little hidey druid gob (from @aaron !) on the bottom of my laptop

and I always forget it's there and then for whatever reason I flip over my laptop it peeks out and reminds me and makes me smile

any cute uwu silicon valley tech beans wanna help fix my wood chipper πŸ₯Ί

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