*shows up in your replies* Hello. What is going on in this concatenate

Creating the fedi’s first thiccknowledgey instance

Gamer Jay Leno voice, "You all heard about this Samurai Gunn 2"

(job listing) Would You Suck Off A Brand? Do You Cum Just Thinking About Brands? Our Team Is Dedicated To Providing The Best Self-Suck Experience Possible To Our Clients.

selfie ec 

new apartment, new shirt, new haircut, the haters are begging me to fail but my skin glowing, my ass is fat, and I'm too blessed to be stressed.

[Pics] If You See Faces In These Photos, This Is What It Means

Mulder tries to save Scully from evil beestings. Doggett is manipulated by the army (the bad army).

Kliss Atsii, one of several D&D characters I'm considering — she's a priestess of Tatterrag, the divine patron of the impoverished!

she's a Tabaxi, the catpeople of D&D, based on a Sphinx cat — hairless! — and she absorbed a littermate in the womb, resulting in her striking bilateral genetic chimerism

that jeweler's loupe around her finger is her holy symbol; the holy symbol of Tatterrag is "something you stole off a rich person"

Saw a news post about police being called out to make a guy mow his lawn in Texas and he just refuses and goes Yosemite Sam on the HoA enforcers. We really do live in a society

Post left is when there’s nothing left to do but post

Morbid terrible 

Wanting to die is a mature sign in your relationship

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