I could spend all night talking about all the stuff that sounds cacophonic in portuguese

cool sounds like butthole

there's a whole audio where this ac conditioner told his customer that she should put the ac in cool mode

but it sounded like he was telling her to shove the controller up her ass

we in fact use the πŸ†’ emoji sometimes to talk about the butthole

seriously, the word for butthole is so simple (it's "cu") that it's way too easy for something in another language to sound like butthole

bread in portuguese is pΓ£o

the tilde means the a is nasalized

many foreigners don't pay attention to that and say "pao" without nasalizing the a

but then it sounds like pau

which means "wood" but it's also slang for dick

there have been countless cases of gringos unknowingly asking for

white dick
black dick
sweet dick
cheese dick

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