downloads five billion complicated crack to get abandonware to work on ugly old windows 10

@PrinceOfAllCosmos if a goblin were like some kind of horse.. equine goblin.. the centaur of the goblin world..

Theres 2 deer on goblin camp. Weโ€™re outnumbering the goblโ€™ns.

May be controversial for saying this but.... don dododododon dodokadodon do ka kakakado kadokadokadokadon

Pic of me, debatable EC 

PSA: I'm disabled and fucking hot

ynow what? I could twist this post around and just say "Literallt do not trust anyone from t*mblr" and it'd still make sense

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literally do not trust anyone from t*mblr who has "memelord" in their URL


Tootdon why dont you manually cw a reply when replying to a thread with a cw on it...


Dont wanna sound like that but uh... itโ€™s abt time people stop demonizing nsfw content in a nsfw adult space and acting like having sexual desires is bad and sinful even if theyโ€™re not towards stuff like children or animals

There are two wolves inside you

They've decided to start a podcast

Being non-american in this america-centric internet is pretty fucking weird... and sometimes annoying considering how a lot of americans onlines donโ€™t bat an eye at issues outside of their countries, and how everyone else is expected to care about what happens in theirs?

I dunno itโ€™s kind of weird and sometimes annoying to me
I canโ€™t imagine how really weird it is for people who are even farther away from america

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