@ducki apparently they had 2 movies... never watched either of the smosh movies because im way out of their target demographic now tbfh

@ducki i watched them when I was like what... 11-12? Same time i watched stuff like FRED and Tobuscus.... the old days.....

Now im old and im far from their target demographic so idk why they push this on my reccomended

@PrinceOfAllCosmos thats weird: theyre tapping into old you memories. the internet never forgets


@ducki youtube be like “yeah... remember when you watched Smosh’s old skits...? How about you... do it again?”

Im pretty sure Anthony and Ian aren’t even in Smosh anymore and that the channel is a husk of what it once was, kinda like FRED’s channel lol

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@PrinceOfAllCosmos i thought fred; died. tbh my brain just forgets people and when i see them again; im like "oh theyre not dead."

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