It’s kinda weird being non-american in an america-centric internet...
Seeing all these “haha RELATABLE” posts that americans can relate to but I can’t relate despite being... this fucking close to america (I live in east coast canada)

Or how american schools are so despicable and hearing all these stories of how so many people got so much shit from even the school staff... and how shit wouldn’t fly at all if it happened here, or at least less than over there

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Being non-american in this america-centric internet is pretty fucking weird... and sometimes annoying considering how a lot of americans onlines don’t bat an eye at issues outside of their countries, and how everyone else is expected to care about what happens in theirs?

I dunno it’s kind of weird and sometimes annoying to me
I can’t imagine how really weird it is for people who are even farther away from america

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