He throwing a tantrum cause he lose... dont worry currycutta i’m not mad at you... you did your best

What the fuck do you mean “yellow isn’t the only color in the color palette” ???

Everytime pac-man say something about eating [me] up, a feeling of dread crawls inside of me...

...please don’t say this Pac-Man...

The screen is dead due to the wire being cut off, but the bottom part still works and can play games

“Asked my mom for LEGO for my bday and bought me Playmobil” the movie

looked at this newtumbl thing and... i'll be real for a god damn second this is lowkey shitty on a specific level

I’ll be honest. I’ve had my problems with berries. Quite a few. Not gonna go public abt this cause ynow. I’ve already talked to ppl abt this and all

So at that point my empathy doesn’t go towards berries itself, but its userbase ynow?
Hope yalls srs get info soon. I’ll stay tuned ba-dum

Playing music for all my friends and mutuals who are having a hard time!

Worm scary! Worm big scary when you’re just a baby drum!

Source: Taiko no Tatsujin clay anime episode 03: I hate earthworms-Ba dum! (via Youtube)

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