downloads five billion complicated crack to get abandonware to work on ugly old windows 10

@PrinceOfAllCosmos if a goblin were like some kind of horse.. equine goblin.. the centaur of the goblin world..

Theres 2 deer on goblin camp. Weโ€™re outnumbering the goblโ€™ns.

@xenon I made an account on NameCheap, itโ€™s easier that way. If you want to send me the domain now, my usernameโ€™s โ€œNAMCOnadedeerโ€ without the quotation marks

I might not confirm anything yet if t requires that, as Iโ€™ll be going to sleep and most definetively be bust for the whole day tommorow, so any sort of confirmation for the transfer will be done at least tommorow night


@xenon oooh okay, cool! Iโ€™ll be willing to take it! And yeah my friend did tell me about Maybe someday Iโ€™ll host something myself, but for now thisโ€™ll have to do.
So yeah iโ€™ll be super willing to take it then! Iโ€™m not experienced at all with this stuff so how exactly is the domain gonna be transfered from me to you?
(I hope iโ€™m not being too bothersome, Iโ€™m just really new at this aah)

@xenon One last question I just thought about, does whatever paying service I need fo send money to takes paypal? If yes, then Iโ€™ll be willing to try out instance managing! :-)

May be controversial for saying this but.... don dododododon dodokadodon do ka kakakado kadokadokadokadon

Pic of me, debatable EC 

@xenon @Seabreeze hmmm... well I donโ€™t know nearly enough stuff on how to maintain instances sadly... maybe @Seabreeze can help me in private, Iโ€™ll contact you back later and see if Iโ€™ll actually take this instance!

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A sanctuary for goblins of all kinds to cause mischief and scurry about.