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My mumโ€™s good at making me feel bad for spending on things i want...

How to obtain a tatacon without my mom getting mad at me for spending 100+ dollars on a plastic drum that works with one game only?

FELLAS, is it gay to juggle? You're pretty much just handling or managing many tasks at once. โ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿ˜”

Might fuck around and make a fursona based on the X-DAY 2000 song

Last night before going to sleep i flew into panic because the YT account that hosts the X-DAY 2 soundtrack said it was gonna shut down because of taito or something

I was so worried the soundtrack would be lost and godamn.:.. when i saw it was available elsewhere, i went to sleep

Letโ€™s get EPIC! Right fellow kids? Letโ€™s get EPIC because we know you guys LOVE the term EPIC and we canโ€™t do clever wordplay with anything from the playmobil universe cause we stopped giving a shit as soon as we commissionned a script for this lego movie ripoff

Also what is that iโ€™m seeing? These looks like these plastic fellows are movie their legs and arms without... having any sort of plastic toy joints...

If youโ€™re going to be a LEGO movie ripoff at least donโ€™t be lazy and actually go with the toysโ€™ limitation like the movie did!

Hell sometimes the LEGO Movie moved characters arms in weird positions but they still.,,. Remained somewhat believable movements for plastic toys...

Im being extra judgy and I have no other reason than childhood bias. Never liked playmobil. Always felt too restricted to me. Also playmobil characters feels too clunky to ynow. Move around and play with?

โ€œAsked my mom for LEGO for my bday and bought me Playmobilโ€ the movie

Writting on that last thread reminded me...
People on tumblr are aware of the nasty shit going on in there. Nazis, pedophiles, zoophiles... yet they insist SO MUCH on staying.

I remember when people "called out" mastodon for "allowing pedos"... Not only was it lies, but isn't tumblr MORE THAN GUILTY of those same sins, and even worse? They only took actions after the app store removed them!

ik i came from tumblr myself but people still on tumblr are insufferable

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