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My brother is so fucking annoying this morning.
He keeps raving about how “the teaching techniques [my parents and the dog training place] taught Luna don’t work for shit and that nobody likes them and he’s... literally the only one complaining

This is pretty fucking rich coming from the guy who don’t even take care of the other pets in the house and never gets woken up by dog barks or dog whinings at night.

I kinda feel bad when I fav + boost a toot that has no favs but a bunch of boosts... like i breaking some sort of social convention..???

But it’s kind of compulsive in me to fav + boost... <:-)

I had a best friend whom I had matching profiles with on amino and while it wasnt romantic it was super fun... i miss having matching profiles...

Hoping i can have a furry partner maybe so we can have matching icons of our fursonas...

abuse cw, about the projared thing 

He throwing a tantrum cause he lose... dont worry currycutta i’m not mad at you... you did your best

My cats are lesbians (not for eachothers because theyre sisters but theyre both lesbians me and my sister decided so). Brioche (on pic) is a plaid butch. Mia (not on pic but she’s a delicate gray diluded tortue with long fur) is a disaster femme. She looks so regal but she also does shit like fall from my windowside while trying to look cute and delicate. And she also yells super loud, and she sounds like shes hurt even tho shes not

There’s this song in Taiko called Woof Meow World... there’s LITERALLY NOTHING ABT IT ONLINE!! I tried to shazam the song and it gives me a totally different vocaloid song! Whats the song name in japanese gotdamn...

I’ll be real: The NAMCO Originals where it’s basically the drum twins singing (Happy de Rippa, LaLaLa🌟Happiness etc...) are the best songs... hearing my sweet drum babies singing... is too cute...

What the fuck do you mean “yellow isn’t the only color in the color palette” ???

Big boy is finally ready to be colored
I also have a brand new outfit in mind that fit him better

Everytime pac-man say something about eating [me] up, a feeling of dread crawls inside of me...

...please don’t say this Pac-Man...

The screen is dead due to the wire being cut off, but the bottom part still works and can play games

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