Pic of me, debatable EC 

Youtuber drama, nsfw ments, projared 

Still super new to shading but. It was my fursona's second birthday recently! Happy bday marlin!

Pic of my life for the past few months since everyone found out abt my furby interest tbh

Death mention, shitpost 

If ur curious as to what he sounds like.. It's this! He makes boing noises. Ft. Roger dancing in the background!

Another bootleg furby I have is this dude, he speaks circuit bent furbish and the same language as the guy before leading me to believe there was some dude in the early 2000s making sounds for bootleg furbies. He's a Gigabot!

Ever wondered what a furby would look like w arms? They exist and they're called furbish. And I own one

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