Gonna probably completely change over to this new account in a few days but hey. Previously @Seabreeze!

introducing MANETS

they’re like PLANETS

but for MEN

Vaping, nicotine (-) 

one fresh image, certified weird as fuck, nsfw, cursed image 

Panicked bc everyone was saying about mothers day only to realise that it's just Americans being American again

Chronic illness, gross 

me: mom can we get some british indian restaurant food?
mom: we have british indian restaurant food at home
british indian restaurant food at home:


May be controversial for saying this but.... don dododododon dodokadodon do ka kakakado kadokadokadokadon

Homophobic slur 

constantly 3 seconds away from putting my phone in the oven

Does anyone have any weird as fuck pics pls send them my way I need art inspiration

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