@PrinceOfAllCosmos I'm gonna b the reason someone else is in a wheelchair if the ableds don't stop being weird (joking)

Please do not apologise to me for like..... Being a disabled person.... I'm pretty okay with my life even with the things I can't do πŸ‘Œ

I put a snapchat with a shitty wheelchair pun and now my friend is apologising 2 me for having to use a wheelchair I'm,, what

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@extinct mm dont like that, somehow I didn't know that was a thing? ty.

@extinct WAIT THEY CAN WHAT NOW? Thats terrifying!! Time to unlike stuff.

@extinct Yeah same. I really wish twitter had a CW feature for this exact reason. Great art but,, I'm in public

I've used linux I'm just a grumpy old man whomst is set in his ways

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Possibly men with large hammers actually, it's undecided

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My body is a temple and its just been invaded by a swarm of angry bees

Being forced to watch bad American comedies

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sipping coffee out of my oversized novelty mug that reads I'd Rather Be Committing Time Theft

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