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I am going to make and sell pokemon dolls for $20. If you have one in mind (and intend to buy it), speak up, otherwise I will just make some to sell. Example pictured is not for sale.

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(Reposting a beginner sewing guide that I made on cooler mom.)

I thought since there are probably a lot of people who didn't learn the basics of sewing, and since it is such a useful skill and I know a bit about it, I'll share what I know.

Here are what I use the most in my sewing kit:
Sewing needles, seam ripper, nippers, beeswax, and thread.

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Fairy Play is a queer fantasy horror comic. Fairies steal five people playing a TTRPG to extract entertainment as tribute.


From Book 1 (CW alc, nudity, weed etc):

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Selfies, eye contact 

So this is what I looked like when I went out for my vaccine appointment yesterday. :3

okay so when you get to the page where it looks like space barfed all over the page, you'll know that's the page where I figured out how to download brushes

you can't be racist against the french but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try

guy who has a weird ceramic pumpkin as their profile pic

watching Gab play Demon Souls 

"half moon grass" that's dandelions, those are dandelion leaves

also I'm skipping through the lore because it feels slimy and the level up girls in Demon Souls and Bloodborne are like, some gamer's wet dream, and kinda gross with how serventile they are

Mangled and remade in the image of something else

Cw: Body Horror

Pet play, silly/wholesome 

If you want to become friends with a puppy girl, simply:

Offer her 1 (one) potato chip

Money request, dysphoria, tails :boost_requested: 

Hi everyone. my dysphoria is spiking and i need to ask for help again.
There aren't many... serious attempts at helping with transspecies dysphoria, if any whatsoever. That lack has led to no decent prosthetics, and no support in most medical communities (which is to say, any medical communities i have found).
A lack of tail has been a major dysphoria source. As such, i am attempting to obtain a tail from The Tail Company, plus a pair of positionable ears. All told, this is going to be around $300 what with shipping and stuff, last time i checked. While i am slowly saving towards that goal, any help getting there sooner (and hopefully relieving some of my dysphoria sooner) would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you, all. Please boost and donate as you can.

Cashapp: $LindsaySchm

mundane, food 

I scrubbed those fucking dishes and it took me four minutes and I scrubbed the sink and now I'm having my tea and biscuits and Backxwash.

One year microdosing T

...not a particularly stark difference. I mean, yeah, my chest, but that was surgical.

actual photograph of me every time liberals rail against riots

@InternetEh @SeanAloysiusOBrien the oil wells are marked with smiley faces with dollar signs for eyes

@Taweret @SeanAloysiusOBrien not even the mountains or political boundaries. Just where the candy is

remember when they just casually dropped this in an interview with Mayo Pete

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