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I would say that is the approximate Mood of my gender, but let me elaborate with a series of slides. -gets out a stick to point with- Now if you take this hedgehog and manage to make it sorta ugly, then have it crawl up the wall like a spider and hide in the corner of the ceiling, listen closely as it sings in its deepest voice and sculpts porn into the drywall with its tongue.

CW nudity and lewd caption

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My commission rates are as follows:

Payable with cashapp $SorrelTyree

Add %10 of price to add an additional character.

$50 - lines, no color
$70 - lines + flat color
$100 - lines, color, lighting and shadow, and simple background

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(Reposting a beginner sewing guide that I made on cooler mom.)

I thought since there are probably a lot of people who didn't learn the basics of sewing, and since it is such a useful skill and I know a bit about it, I'll share what I know.

Here are what I use the most in my sewing kit:
Sewing needles, seam ripper, nippers, beeswax, and thread.

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Fairy Play is a queer fantasy horror comic. Fairies steal five people playing a TTRPG to extract entertainment as tribute.


From Book 1 (CW alc, nudity, weed etc):

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period thing 

Menstrual cups have to be replaced when they get really stinky or discolored and the fact that I just saw a photo of a brown one is not a good sign. Before hormones stopped my periods altogether, I had mad blood puddles going on in the cup continuously for months because PCOS and the cup only ever got sorta yellowish so I do not want to know how that cup in the photo ended up brown, stop using that, please, please, stop, get a new one

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@InternetEh Halberds in fact look so cool that today any guard issued a halberd has to be outfitted in ridiculously tacky uniforms to bring the local coolness-level under the threshold where it would break reality

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Grindr message, attempted but failed transphobia 

I love when transphobes get confused it's so fucking funny
Thanks for the validation babes

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retaliatory misgendering against cis people continues to be the strategy that keeps on giving


"handful of [cooked] spaghetti"

stop there


hi morning crew, night crew here

my rage kept me awake


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Beg post, crime, very long 

Hey all, it me, so, I kinda had to help my family out yesterday, I've been asked not to go into details but police were involved due to a family member being the victim of a crime, they're relatively okay all things considered, but me helping sorta put me over Β£40 in the red in my bank, plus over Β£60 in the red on my paypal, so, if you can give absolutely anything at all, I'd greatly appreciate it, I'll be going live soon on twitch ( ) so if you want a reward you can get a personalized shoutout for donating or subscribing, I have a red bubble ( ) so any purchase made there will give me a few pennies if you want something more physical, or if you don't want reward, my paypal is

I understand that this looks like I'm using someone else's bad luck to make a profit, so, as soon as I break even, any profit before monday 24th UK time will be sent directly to the family member in question (I will clarify: not me) for them to do with as they wish. If I make money that can't be paid out (such as getting Β£30 of twitch donations and it not reaching the payout minimum,) I will pay for it personally when I am financially able to

Thanks again just for looking or boosting, don't feel forced to give money, just caring enough to read this is more than enough xx

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mutual aid request, beg post, need food, boost 

I hate to make more beg posts but it's gotten bad recently. I have no job no source of income. I'm still trying to get my highschool diploma at 20. i live with my mom. and she rarely buys food for me so in turn i am underweight and recently have been losing even more weight. seriously any amount helps πŸ’–πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ
crypto wallet: (ask)

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest #transcrowdfund

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feel like pure shit just want her* back**

* the ever given
** stuck in the suez canal again

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