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(Reposting a beginner sewing guide that I made on cooler mom.)

I thought since there are probably a lot of people who didn't learn the basics of sewing, and since it is such a useful skill and I know a bit about it, I'll share what I know.

Here are what I use the most in my sewing kit:
Sewing needles, seam ripper, nippers, beeswax, and thread.

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open, 3 slots

I can draw people, furries, mythical creatures, and animals. Well, I can draw more than that but for these commissions, that's the general scope. If you want it to be explicit, that's doable.

Payable with cashapp.

Add %10 of price to add an additional character, maximum 3 characters.

$50 - ink, no color
$70 - ink or digital lines, flat color
$100 - entirely digital, color and simple background

CW affection, bare chest, beverage

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I'm not new here, but I joined this instance recently so I'm doing a new post.

Hi, I'm Sorrel, autistic enby lesbian. I stay at home working on my web comic, momming around, and flirting with cute girls online.

Here's the main characters of my comic. CW food, blood, smoking, bare chests, alcohol mention, a lewd goblin.

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My web comic, Fairy Play, is about a group of five queer humans stolen by fairies. Flat out no straight characters, but be warned of trauma, horror, nudity, alcohol, and violence.


"Mom, why don't you get yourself a remote control book? And it can be made of everything, even concrete, even the whole outer space!"

Fun thing with designing nymphs is they are supposed to be the epitome of beauty and we all know what people usually think that is, but Firth is tall and huge and magnificent, and the oread who appears for a few panels then goes away is short and ripped and blocky.

"die" here is hyperbole, I haven't died yet to my knowledge

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I'm competitive but I'm also jaded from a lifetime of losing so I don't even try to pretend I'd win, I just seethe a little with the vigor to try anyway with the nihilistic certainty that I'm about to die

It will likely look a little odd that the fauns and huldra are the same height as human dwarfs but have very different proportions. This oread I'm drawing isn't human, but she has dwarf proportions and so looks like the height she is, while the faun in the same panel looks like if you took somebody around five and a half feet tall and magically shrunk them to four feet tall - and without anything for scale, one might assume he wasn't as small as he is.

I really enjoyed Moth's expressions when I was making the page in today's update.


"And I'm not worried. When bad things happen like [a demon opening the dishwasher], I wanna play with my trains!"

GoFundMe post, boosts appreciated 

One of my college friends is trying to start a bakery business in the PNW. Help a girl out and support a new Black-owned business, if you can.

Selfie no ec, outfit, food 

This stupid room is fundamentally backlit for mirror selfies lol

I decided to cute up because the weather is cool out of nowhere. Just wearing this to my colonoscopy, but dammit I wanted to wear these boots and leggings lol

I have decided that I'm eating broccoli beef and fried rice after 2 days of fasting 🀀

wow im so pretty, but getting beefy πŸ’ͺ(mirr0r selfie) 


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Kid asked me to draw a spiral, and when I started he said, "Yes, draw a nice big spiral that my Dad won't even understand."

Kid, while looking at a sparkly bottle 

"Mom, there's so many bats. There's horror bats, and zombie bats, and vampire bats. They all go down to pick up people."

people in orbit around jupiter will be like "oh man i feel like shit must be because my earth is in retrograde"

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imagine how much more complicated astrology would be if you could live anywhere in the solar system

Fairy Play has a new page, in which Mikit voices his suspicions. Featuring a possessive doe, and some sharp teeth.


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