So, your a content creator who makes not family safe and/or queer content and you're worried about puritanical USian corporate social media completely destroying your ability to publish your work.

You decide you need a website. But don't know where to start.

Well, :thread:

Websites for NSFW content creators 

First of all, I'm not new to this. I'm the admin for, which was originally a Tumblr only blog until they were bought out. Websites and infrastructure are also my day-job. So this isn't untested advice.

re: Websites for NSFW content creators 

Easiest is to use another service:

Squarespace, Wix, and are usually the most common ones. These services provide the ability to create a site yourself with little technical knowledge.

Squarespace makes this clear, NSFW content is a complete no go and grounds for cancellation of your account.

Wix doesn't appear to mention content exceptions in their Terms of Use, but their tooling is clumsy and can be frustrating to use.'s TOS likely also does not mention NSFW content. An [old support forum thread)( suggests that it is allowed. This service also is the most portable, as you can export your content and self-host in the future if that changes. also tends to be more reasonable when it comes to legal threats from the MPAA and RIAA and other copyright mongers.


re: Websites for NSFW content creators 

@socketwench I have a wordpress site. Mature content such as nudity is allowed, but porn is not. In the case of mature content, the way to get the site marked as mature is to report your own site, which gave me a lot of anxiety but came out fine.

re: Websites for NSFW content creators wait if u self host porn is fine tho, right?

re: Websites for NSFW content creators 

@pastelpunkbandit @socketwench
I wouldn't know


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