I've got lawyer bills and apartment cleanup/repair fees to pay so if people would care to commission me, I'd be grateful.

$14.58 is in my bank account and the lawyer's asking for $409.50 and the apartment corporate office is asking for $1076.41

my cashapp is $SorrelTyree

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$$ post update 

Apartment and lawyer fees are still there, and now my car has a flat tire and my testosterone has a $40 copay ($90 before the pharmacy's discount). I can't even get to the pharmacy without a car because there are literally no buses around here, wtf rural Washington??

I can also knit dolls and plushies. Commission info is pinned on my profile. Please help me.

also, on knitted commissions 

I can still walk to the post office, which is just around the corner + a couple blocks, so shipping a knitted commission would still be possible without bus or car. Plushies/dolls are $20+shipping and take at least a week to make, usually. Smallish orb-shaped ones are 2 days to make so I'll say those are $5+shipping. Offer lasts until stuffing runs out.

@Sorl is your commissions info posted somewhere?

@starless It used to be, but I guess I took it down. I'll make a new pinned post.

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