I'm really hoping this time somebody will help out. I'm an autistic single parent going through a custody battle, trying to get my kid back, I'm unemployed "voluntarily" (it's not voluntary) so child support payments are calculated from an income I do not have. The next child support payment is Feb 6th, and it will be taken automatically from my already overdrawn account.

Please, please help me
my cashapp is $SorrelTyree and if you want something for your money, I can draw pretty damn well.

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thank you for the donation, bringing it to -162

(cashapp response options for donations are weird because it's either a little too affectionate (❀️) sorta flat (πŸ‘) or whatever the fuck this is: πŸ€‘ , anyway, thank you very much!)

update 2 

Thank you!!!

now at -92

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