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Art shop announcement, Etsy link, :boost_ok: 

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Wow I'm really doing this, my first actual post. My main is @pizza but I want to put more of my lifeposting and art stuff here. I'm a graphic designer at my day job and at home I do some collage, illustration, and a little music. I play video games and lots of different tabletops, and I'm into different shit all the time. Feel free to follow request if you've seen me around!

I'm doing a little hunting for good words in the new magazines I got... cutting em out and now I got a pile

Art shop announcement, Etsy link, :boost_ok: 

art show pics, eye contact 

show is over, I'm fuckin tired, pics tomorrow

art show is today!!!! riding the train up to NE to get my rental car, then I gotta be at the venue by 2. Show starts at 7!!!

helloo never done this before and thought it might be fun, so here's my

Art show info, long, patreon link, boosts + 

I got so much work done on my art show setup last night... more updates coming soon

just got more supplies for the show! I own an easel now >:D

Got my prints today for the art show!! :ablobcatbongo: They all look great, but I still have some more work to do before they're show ready. By the way, if you want more info on how to attend or support me in other ways, my dms are open :)

fuck, I'm thinking about buying a big ol easel. would that finally make me a real artist

Round 1 pieces = dropped off at the studio :anidab_left: not doing the bigger ones yet because I'm not making prints of them and also they were too big for my carrying case thing whoops

like if you can't take your own photos or scan your own work you just can't make prints. also this isn't even factoring in the cost of making the prints.

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