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:nes_fire: SUPER HELL RPG BETA 1.0 RELEASE :nes_fire: 

Huge news!!! I'm finally releasing the beta version of my text adventure game SUPER HELL RPG! This is the first version of the game that you can actually complete, and it now features more than 120,000 words of content to explore. The game is playable in browser on my website ( or downloadable on ( Enjoy!!!

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It's finally done!! My virtual art gallery created in the Doom engine contains 25 original collages for your viewing pleasure. Shoot demons and admire my work at the same time in this fully playable level! WAD file and instructions for download can be found on my webbed site Enjoy! :beholder:

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Free design work for any good cause :boost_ok: 

Since starting my independent artistic practice during covid, I've been considering how to find work that matters. That's when I had this idea; to offer my skills to anyone fighting for social justice. So if you need something for an event, a poster, a banner, a logo, even a website for that matter, just DM me and I'll see what I can do to help. I have the time available to give so I'd be glad to do it for free. Boosts ok for awareness, thanks!!

It's kinda disappointing when my students don't show up for tutoring sessions, but on the other hand I get paid regardless :blobshrug:

Tried my hand at making a little comic today, I think I want to make this into a series.

Portrait of the Artist as a Young ???

Made with cut and torn paper, tape, staples, pencil, charcoal, white out.

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the collage artist's nightmare: I have run out of glue in the middle of working on a piece

a joke i've found that always kills with the older generation is "finally getting some use out of my art degree!" I won at Pictionary? art degree. arranged some food on a plate in an aesthetically pleasing way? you know I'm bringing up that degree.

aaahhh just taught my first online class and it was great! I was a little nervous but the students were very attentive to my little drawing lesson lol

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tonight I will be teaching schoolchildren how to draw pokemon. and my parents said playing video games would never get me anywhere, take that!

whoa I might be tutoring a pokemon drawing class for younger kids lmao, this would be so fun.

fuck, shit, tutor website only has binary gender options, im at my limit

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breaking news: I am now a certified online art tutor

It seems like they might be desperate for people to apply but then again there's no fee to apply... I'm gonna do it

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okay whaaat... I was just invited to apply to an international contemporary art show in Venice?? It seems cool but there's no way I can afford to fly to Italy and stay there for twenty days lol

lol the collegeboard website is really trying to charge me $40 for a pdf of my SAT scores from eight years ago... SCAM ALERT

Ok whoa I actually got a job offer for an art tutor position, is this real? A job that I'd be good at that could actually be fulfilling? 😳

wrote my first blog post in a while: "Authentic Self" a short rant about the proliferation of soulless mass media.

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