It's finally done!! My virtual art gallery created in the Doom engine contains 25 original collages for your viewing pleasure. Shoot demons and admire my work at the same time in this fully playable level! WAD file and instructions for download can be found on my webbed site Enjoy! :beholder:

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damn it feels good to finish a project once in a while

gonna be self boosting this for 100 years because I am very proud of it

first person to find all the secrets in the level will get a huge "great job" from me

I'm gonna go sicko mode and post this on linked in. my business connections need to know I've been thinking about Hell every day since quarantine began

@aaron I boosted this earlier but I'm still thinking about how wildly good an idea it is to have a "virtual gallery" piece be a mod in a game where there's other stuff going on besides walking through. this is awesome dude

@aaron this is cool and I wish there was a curated list of cool things like this made in Doom. It's so hard to find the rad things like this.

@aaron I remember seeing this before, but even this list a little overwhelming! I should really find time to dig into it though, but I never have the time for anything... thank you!

@The_T Im also planning on playing a few of them (eventually lol) so I'll post about them when I get the chance πŸ‘

@soft 😁😁😁 aw I'm flattered!!

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