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if you ever don't get one of my posts and would like an explanation I will happily give it. just ask me for clarification!! i will explain any joke or serious post, it is all fine and fun.

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i'm beans! i'm 31. i'm gay. i'm online and incapable of logging off.

i am a kobold who lives in the wild jungles of coastal florida. please be safe because my teeth and claws are very sharp. sometimes there are things i put in a hashtag of when i am posting about kobold business.

γƒœγ‚―γ―γΎγ ζ—₯本θͺžγ‚’勉強しています。

here's a picture of garma.

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this thread is 50/50 anime i've been watching myself and anime i'm watching with my gf lmao

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also been watching wandering witch, from last season, and it's kind of bizarre? i think i'm mainly enjoying it. it's very ... episodic in an odd way, feels more like an anthology than a series if that makes sense? even though it focuses on one character?
- somehow my closest analogue is classic star trek tbh but about a traveling witch girl

i'm gonna keep watching this

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first episode of "i've been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level!" is incredibly charming and i look forward to more. i like an isekai where the main character just wants to chill. i guess this is why i like tensura, too, honestly ...

cute character designs here too

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blue reflection ray is this season's ~dark mahou shoujo~ series and it's really comically bad. there's this one edgy villain girl who's the best tho. it's .. it's really really cliche ... would recommend to laugh at i guess www

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Categorically rejecting junk science and biased media depictions of horses as β€œprey animals”

dragon goes house-hunting is a very fun and cute anime, i have enjoyed the first two episodes and would recommend it to others if you like charming monsters and light comedy

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asking for advice, boost ++++++++ 

hey y'all! as some of you might know I'm moving for the first time in my life soonℒ️ but in the meantime I'm doing some roomie interviews/chats (which I've also never done before)

what are some questions I should be asking during these calls? are there any pieces of advice you have for me?

I'm v nervous about this so anything helps, even if it seems incredibly obvious


twitter verified badges are NFTs. not taking questions.

i need to do more clock research, i haven't learned enough about clocks lately. whats some good books on clocks everyone likes

setting up a special savings account so me and my gf can take a vacation to the bass pro shop pyramid hotel when such a thing is feasible and advisable


i couldnt find the fuckin butterfinger easter egg candies anywhere and griped about it on-line and she like, sent me a photo earlier like "haha are these what you were looking for" and has now bought them for me to mail to me .. good .. she's very good i'm delighted by this gesture i am just simply, in love,

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once again her e to post to let everyone know i love my gf very much. thanks for your time

gender, griping about a particular transphobic meme 

just grumpy about how i could use that as self-desciptor for years; even alongside the early days of that meme tbh before it rose to prominence? but then it spread more broadly and became More Bad and it's just kind of, well,

anyway like i said it's bad for other reasons but i'm grumpy again about this form of self-expression feeling Mean

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gender, griping about a particular transphobic meme 

obviously there are worse things about the attack helicopter meme but what really bugs me about it, as someone who is. cis gnc, whatever, has A Relation to gender but not necessarily a trans one
but anyway what gets me PERSONALLY is how i used 2 like describing my gender in terms of weaponry/spaceships and now that feels Rude To Do bc of the helicopter thing

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