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if you ever don't get one of my posts and would like an explanation I will happily give it just ask me for clarification!! (esp if there's a specific part that's a stumbling block)

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hello. it's me, beans. you know, like from online? it's beans of online!

im the anarchist slice-of-life anime sword lesbian your creche warned you about

i who use

sometimes and talks about birds, that's the hashtag for it

γƒœγ‚―γ―γΎγ ζ—₯本θͺžγ‚’勉強しています。すみません...!

my text editor has the word "by" underlined as a typo and REFUSES to believe it's a real world

i think a horrible thing that western propaganda has done is turn any critique of a leftist government into a critique of leftism. like, human rights abuses are not a *product* of communism β€” made obvious by the rampant human rights abuses done by capitalist nations β€” but it's always positioned as such.

food, bad? 

an incorrigible and irrepressible anime avi spirit

food criminality 

finally got my hands on a ps4. what do you guys think?

@grant @pizza @aflightybroad this instance is equally a carnival of fun with friends and a biohazard quarantine facility

Ah yes, just another Sunday, wearing antlers on the train

borders are fake and thats why im taking command of this taco bell

fully armored knight biking straight at you . jpg

anyoen here gay

@aflightybroad he is the mcelroy of unearned confidence, of terrible posts, of neoliberalism, he must be vanquished

actually gurps is incredibly elegan- *a giant vulture swoops down and carries me off to my doom*

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