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if you ever don't get one of my posts and would like an explanation I will happily give it. just ask me for clarification!! i will explain any joke or serious post, it is all fine and fun.

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i'm beans! i'm 31. i'm gay. i'm online and incapable of logging off.

i am a kobold who lives in the wild jungles of coastal florida. please be safe because my teeth and claws are very sharp. sometimes there are things i put in a hashtag of when i am posting about kobold business.

γƒœγ‚―γ―γΎγ ζ—₯本θͺžγ‚’勉強しています。

here's a picture of garma.

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Dragons probably purr like, super well

if youre gonna do a vote and youre in california just do a no on prop 22. the one that was literally written by like uber or some shit to keep drivers as independent contractors and prevent them from unionizing or getting the absolute bare minimum of worker protections

HATE when a wandering adventurer marauds through my forest and strikes me bodily with a greatsword, turning me instantly into a perfectly cooked joint of beef

you can tell which one im doing by context clues. if i say "henry kissinger die old bitch" then its probably kermit. if its "i love having sex with lobsters" its peterson

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quick little breakdown on whos funding some of these props in california

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i usually feel like the guy who died jacking it in pompeii, but lately i cant think of a guy i relate to more in my life.

wholly on a whim i am once again streaming the movie mobile suit gundam: char's counterattack

"beans you've streamed that twice before ..."

yes. that's true.
anyway starting in approx 10 minutes


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