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if you ever don't get one of my posts and would like an explanation I will happily give it. just ask me for clarification!! i will explain any joke or serious post, it is all fine and fun.

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i'm beans! i'm 31. i'm gay. i'm online and incapable of logging off.

i am a kobold who lives in the wild jungles of coastal florida. please be safe because my teeth and claws are very sharp. sometimes there are things i put in a hashtag of when i am posting about kobold business.

γƒœγ‚―γ―γΎγ ζ—₯本θͺžγ‚’勉強しています。

here's a picture of garma.

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food ment, blood 

lmao i gave myself a really awful paper?cut on the foil lid of a yogurt cup and now there is so much blood. just a ton of blood. typing one handed w my bloody finger in my mouth. kicks ass

food/recipe request! 

anybody have a good corn bread recipe???

i know i could search for one but i am asking friends on-line instead. like specifically if you have one you've made/your family's made!!

i do not need help googling i would just like a recipe you enjoy.

i've got a mask w dolphins on it. very vaporwave. a good look. i like accessorizing and having cute things, i admit this fault and flaw in my personage.

@aflightybroad nNo officer. No interesting flavours here! *Pushes cupboard door closed with clinking glass jar sounds. Packets of bulk fenugreek and coriander fall out* fuck, busted

to the second wasp in my apartment, who is hanging out in the kitchen instead o the living room: hey man not really sure what your deal is but welcome to the party i guess. hope you and first wasp get along okay. i want a nice harmonious existence here you know? just be chill and it's all good, you can stay

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whispering through my keyhole is not a personality. tapping on my window while i sleep is not a personality. scratching my floorboards from below? not a personality. and as for shaking the very timbers of my home so they creak and moan and shudder? you guessed it - not a personality

old people who hang up the phone without saying bye kick ass

it's been nearly a week cohabiting with the wasp that lives in my apartment. we're good friends now

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to the wasp still living in my apartment: haha hey man good to see you again. what's up? hope you're well. you seem livelier today than yesterday so i hope you found something to eat. what do you eat, anyway? i'm not sure what sort of wasp you are. anyway like i said good to see you. have a good one, talk to you soon.

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anybody got any whipped soap makers they know/recommend, it's one of my fav soap formats but the lady i used to buy from shut down her shop. (i can find plenty online but personal recs are nice, yo uknow what i mean)

yes this is frivolous shh

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