People who boost the last toot in a long thread: yes! people will click it looking for context, or seeing that it's a response, and will be able to discover it themselves!

People who boost the first toot in a thread: ok, people will click on it once they see the replies and might see if it's a thread or not, it's a bit of a toss-up but I support it

People who boost a random toot in the middle: die


@Ophillous I will boost any toot I please as a free woman of the world

@aflightybroad you are free to do as you wish and I won't stop you, just know that there are consequences

@Ophillous as if you could stop me. I will never face your bee justice because I exist outside of bee morality. thank you for your time friend. I will live forever on the back of boosted toots.

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