i've made it 39 minutes in, i need to pause for a second

i'm two hours and thirty two minutes in to the ten hour loop of escape from the city lads

taking a little pause to go buy dinner for the dog but please trust that i will continue this marathon. i'll make it through

sighing deeply as i realize i have not put the song back on yet, bracing myself and hitting play

i have taken some breaks so i am only five hours and fifty nine minutes into this video

ok i made it 7 hours and 18 minutes deep and now it's bed time. i don't think it would count if i played thr st while i slept. i will pick this up after work tomorrow.

going to work and already thinking about my fate post work.. escape from the city awaits

seven hours and forty minutes in. the quest to escape from the city continues

really struggling to comprehend the size and scope of this city that it is taking ten hours to escape. is this megacity one? am i in judge dredd? i think i'm in judge dredd and trying to escape one of the megacities. maybe megacity three, who can say. (in this post it's not called texas city yet)

when i emerge from this listening experienc will i stumble into the cursed earth and immediately die of radiation poisoning? maybe! will it be worth it? yes, absolutely. i am ready to escape. freedom beckons.

i'm eight and a half hours in and still not out of the city. what the fuck. i've been running for hours. please save me. i am living in the sprawl from arcade fire perhaps.


i keep thinking about posting "how long have i been listening to escape from the city" but like, the time stamp is right there. it's right there! ive been listening for this long

just turned on a bright eyes song without turning off "escape from the city" and remebmered that oh, right, i am still listening to escape from the city

i want to dye my hair. got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow. cant stick around have to keep moving on

i know the pace of these posts has pickd up but that is because my brain is melting out my ears and nose and it's making my thoughts go VERY fast, smoothas butter, they are MOving around at the speed of sound!!

what should i listen to after i escape from the city? please advise, i am going so fast

im almost there. i can taste freedom in the new california republic lads

i know with some luck that ill make it through got no more options only one thing to do

@bryceyoungquist i am one with the city and the city is one with me. the city has no power over me for i have mastered it and tamed it and contained it. i am outside of the city forevermore. it is within me. i am free. it cannot contain me if i contain it.

@aflightybroad great job, we're all so proud that you tortured yourself for no reason

@pizza i got forty minutes in and realized i had no other choice, my brain feels a lot better now that it's over

@pizza i caused genuine mental anguish to myself for a bit there, really impressed with myself

@pizza about four or five years back i did this with the he-man what'sg oin on video. that was actually a lot harder to deal with than this. this was still very bad though.

@aflightybroad i'm scared beans.
what if there's nothing outside the city, just an endless plain and the blank face of insert deity here staring down.
i might need to pee there could be nothing for miles.
perhaps there is no escape from the city we have constructed in our minds.
also your commute sounds like hell

@ratwithscarf everyone keeps suggesting more ten hour videos as if i have not hurt myself enough, as if escaping the city does not suffice. i wanted songs of liberty ......

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