can you get this poll to 69% and 31% respectively

boost for awareness

@ape using a weighted random number generator to decide which to vote for

@cadence @ape If everyone rolls a D100 and votes for 31 on a roll of 31 or less, it should work out

Nailed it

@ape goddamn it I blew it. sorry everyone. deleting my account now.

partial results spoilers 

@ape just need to swap that last digit around....

@ape Oh no, it's at 420 votes and I can't see what the results are! I don't dare try to vote for fear of ruining EVERYTHING

@ape way closer than when I voted, when I did so the scores were almost reversed!

@ape as of right now 692 people voted

if 69 is so great, how come there's

@ape never go up against a Sicilian when sex is online

@ape oh wait just realized the percentages were before the poll options. never mind. we really fucked it

@ape oh no i thought we did it but i read the poll sections instead of the results i didn't mean to sound sarcastic sorry

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