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*healyn, at a dining room table with the insert in the middle, indignant*

"Well what the fuck am I SUPPOSED to call it, then?"

I don't care what everyone is saying: calling my British-themed souvenir store "Pound Town" is a good idea, and I stand by my decision.

lewd thanksgiving/food/might delete 

a lot of people worry about talking politics with their family, so i tried to avoid it at the dinner table by saying, "this stuffing is delicious. you can really taste the difference when it's cooked in the turkey's pussy"

this did NOT go over well!

What do I dislike the most about being an immortal fuck machine? The long hours.

crab cake (has tiny candles, it is the little guy's special day)

@breakfastgolem the float valve is where the root beer floats are exuded

How a toilet works:

1. Deposit your stinks in to the bowl.
3. Yank the handle until the toilet emits a deathly gurgle.
4. Press the handle gently, nay, sensually.
5. ???
6. The hole opens and then guzzles down your horrid fluids like the hungry little filthboy that it is.
7. Everything goes away to the sewer/ocean.

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if anyone has any stealth buffs please consider donating, i am trying to avoid the work potluck

The parts of a toilet:

- Bowl (where you shit and piss)
- Handle
- Supply line (water comes from here)
- Ballcock nut (this is a real thing I swear)
- Float valve (no idea)
- Tank (holds the piss)

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I replaced the supply line for my toilet so I'm basically a toilet expert now.

Starting to think I should have just skipped jorts and migrated here... :\

Pizza place gave me an extra slice of pepperoni because the first was “too small”. :blobuwu:

I love jorts but I’m gonna post here for a while until jorts catches back up.

big beefy lads blowing raspberries on each others tummies

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