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Introduction post 

Hi all, I've been on the fediverse on and off for about 2 or 3 years but I've never done an intro post. Since I'm on now I figure that I should do one now.

I'm a socialist living in Seattle with my partner, @momjeans and our two pets.

I'm a member of the IWW and DSA. If you're a member of either of those feel free to follow me, I'd love to chat about socialism & labor

Also I am a big ol PokΓ©mon nerd so I will probably be PokΓ©mon Posting a lot


Martin Luther would like to know your location

more ranting about team rocket, fascism 

Giovanni's obsession with mew, the so called "first PokΓ©mon" and creating a superior stronger version of it mirrors fascist eugenics pseudoscience

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ranting about team rocket, fascism 

β€’To Unite All People Within Our Nation
this sounds inclusive, but it's another dogwhistle. how do members of team rocket define "their nation"? many neonazi groups consider Jewish people to be of a different nationality and use this as a basis for their bigotry.
β€’To Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love
now it's getting clearer what they're about
the rest of it's sci fi goo gaa

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ranting about team rocket, fascism 

Team Rocket in the PokΓ©mon games is coded as a mafia type organization (organized crime, kidnapping, legit business serving as a front, led by a menacing Italian guy) but they have many more traits in common with a white nationalist cult. let's look at their motto:
β€’To Protect the World from Devastation
sounds kind enough, no rational person would advocate FOR World Devastation. this is a dogwhistle. the average person wouldn't know what they mean, but they do.

just a psa that "hōr island" fits in animal crossing's ten character limit and ō is pronounced with a double o sound

*Hillary Clinton voice*
I Don't Know Who Made Animal Crossing New Horizons, But Some One Should Figure Out How To Make Animal Crossing New President

out of work servers on here: open up your dms for people to send you $5 and a picture of their cleaned plate at home so you can reply "looks like ya hated it"

breath of the wild is the gayest Zelda game ever. 10/10

now that the mayor's announced the moratorium on evictions I think I'm gonna just go ahead and not go to work until this all blows over

if u can do your office job from home you don't have a real job

here's the new win condition for Bernie 2020:

1. demand that they make bernie the vice presidential candidate or no endorsement for Biden

2. try our best I guess

3. if somehow we beat trump, invoke the 25th amendment on day 1

4. president bernie

I will only donate to Wikipedia if they promise night mode

β€’ they're bad
β€’ military sounding names
β€’ they do material harm to the marginalized communities they claim to be working for

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damn I figured it out. the Red Guard is the Salvation Army of communism

*Please Boost* covid-19 action options for service workers: 

If you're working in a place with an active outbreak of the coronavirus, are in a customer facing role, and are concerned about getting sick or getting others sick while your boss or company refuses to close and / or refuses to support sick workers through sick pay or in other ways consider a sick-in.

Joe Hill called the Salvation Army the "Starvation Army" and that is an S tier wobbly dad joke that I 100% will be using this holiday season

You will eat (You will eat!)
by-and-by (by-and-by!)
when you get to that McDonald's in the sky (way up high!)
charge thy phone (charge thy phone!)
and be bi (and be bi!)
you'll twerk and eat hot chip when you die (and you'll lie!)

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