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more ranting about team rocket, fascism 

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ranting about team rocket, fascism 

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ranting about team rocket, fascism 

just a psa that "hōr island" fits in animal crossing's ten character limit and ō is pronounced with a double o sound

*Hillary Clinton voice*
I Don't Know Who Made Animal Crossing New Horizons, But Some One Should Figure Out How To Make Animal Crossing New President

out of work servers on here: open up your dms for people to send you $5 and a picture of their cleaned plate at home so you can reply "looks like ya hated it"

breath of the wild is the gayest Zelda game ever. 10/10

now that the mayor's announced the moratorium on evictions I think I'm gonna just go ahead and not go to work until this all blows over

if u can do your office job from home you don't have a real job

here's the new win condition for Bernie 2020:

1. demand that they make bernie the vice presidential candidate or no endorsement for Biden

2. try our best I guess

3. if somehow we beat trump, invoke the 25th amendment on day 1

4. president bernie

I will only donate to Wikipedia if they promise night mode


β€’ they're bad
β€’ military sounding names
β€’ they do material harm to the marginalized communities they claim to be working for

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damn I figured it out. the Red Guard is the Salvation Army of communism

*Please Boost* covid-19 action options for service workers: 

Joe Hill called the Salvation Army the "Starvation Army" and that is an S tier wobbly dad joke that I 100% will be using this holiday season

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