creating stories and art with your friends is something that can be sooo.. enriching and heartfelt

making sure red velvet cake batter doesn't stain your hands is an olympic sport

sooo mitskis new single am i right. i am not okay

this better be the last time i have to learn abt the us revolution. sick and tired. my eyes are gonna fall out

i bet they have pink toilets on facebook marketplace

i love having good normal conversations with my friends that aren't about doing things to bees

what is friendship without looking at questionable anime birthday cakes together

worst part about a new botw save is the fucking motion control shrine in hateno village

top images that will give you the cheese touch

i didn't get a picture of it (regretfully) but i saw a bumper sticker that says "kayaking makes me horny" today

putting lotion on after a shower eases the depression a little bit i think

do you think the other sock gets sad if it loses its pair

collects all my mutuals in my little jar

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