what i would do for an actual meg's skull earing to wear

just submitted probably the most poorly done assignment of my life and i feel nothing

anyone want to tell me what the fuck kate chopin meant when she wrote this. feel free to tell me

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tattooing "trying to gather strength and courage to charge through an eager multitude that
was besieging breast-works of shirting and figured lawn" on my forehead

going to start printing out pictures of characters i like and put them on my wall. my gay person wall

thinking of dying my hair something different.... i've had it half blonde half brown for a long time now. not sure what i'd do with it tho. maybe i'll be bold and go for a unnatural color like green? it's my favorite color but idk how well it would transfer to hair dye

wish i hade a friend to play songs on the car bluetooth in a parking lot

group of pink toilets call that uhhhhh poilet

listening to hayloft by mother mother in discord call with the lgbts

almost cut my mouth trying to open a plastic container (with my mouth) that's my adrenaline rush for the evening

anyone else with a bird have their lil guy sit under your desk and chirp at your foot. this is a daily occurrence

i hope i am not just geet's friend, but an annoying teenager to you guys as well <3

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