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the spit valve of a brass instrument is a little nipple for the jazz milk 😈

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fun empire fact: the us navy has the second largest air force in the world, after the us air force. but go off about the belt and road initiative i guess

@grant sitcom where the premise is that you (normal, well-adjusted) suddenly reconnect with long-lost family (eccentric, off-putting) and have to reconcile your differences over the course of a four-season run

There is something deep, primal even, in human nature that craves the bare, animalistic act of saying "yes goddess" and groaning while handing over a check for a thousand dollars

@cuttlefish you are the (surprisingly normally) mild-mannered son of the family referenced in grant’s sitcom. your curiosity about the world is what drives the process of reconciliation between the two halves of your broken family... youre also a twink

Tankies are a tankoid in the category of endofunctors


evopsych voice here is how paypigs have evolved over thousands of years to recognize ideal findom bone structure for account draining. You see, in a hunter gatherer society,

whenever i'm suspicious about someone, i go to the local library and scroll through microfiche to determine that they have a dark past

@phillyis a reboot of the office where everything is the same except you are pam

im not the monads admin, im just the rogue moderator with a gun

Turning copper and silver into cobalt is easy. Have you ever tried turning Spaghetti into Cobalt? It's Fucing Hard!

People ask me, Goat, if you can turn silver and copper into Cobalt why don't you do something useful with your Alchemical Powers to which I reply, Killing German Miners Is Useful

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