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I'm a fucking teddy bear and I want you to be happy

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me when i have a reading assignment for school:

me when i have a reading assignment for an rpg:

i s2g none of the linux bros have opinions in my mentions when i ask for them

the prisoners dilemma except its me and your mom

i really want to get the xbox 360 out of the attic and play far cry

*downloading spirited away in a legal manner*

*remembering i do not speak japanese*

I don't do things and none of the things i do do are crimes, but what if i was being pursue-

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I really have no reason to expect to go on the run anytime soon. but...

sometimes you add a period after a reply and only after sending it do you feel the vague menace it seems like you've implied

do you ever plan out how you'd change your appearance if you had to go on run from the law?

I wish having a hotline wasn't so dang hard

monads are what happens when you make a meatball out of communion wafers

monads meatball mindset(monads are meatballs made of god)

mickey mouse shirt that just says
KILL on it

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