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If i unfollowed you and don't follow you back don't feel bad it's not you i promise.

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sometimes people are just astounded i support things i feel are morally right that arent in my own self interest

I want a companion show to all the bad police procedurals where all the bad guys keep getting acquitted because of all the flagrant constitutional violations conducted during their arrests.

Judge: β€œAnd how did you get this evidence again?”

Officer: β€œI broke into his house after work hours after luring him outside and dug through this file cabinet until I found this incriminating evidence, which I then stole.”

Judge: β€œWhat was the probable cause?”

Officer: β€œThe what.”

Judge: β€œFor the warrant, I mean.”

Officer: β€œWhat’s that.”

Judge: β€œAh.”

@Colophonscrawl well you turn left there, turn widdershins about 240 radians down the road, drive through the pit labelled discourse, and yeah, you should get there in the next hundred aeons or so,,,

Hello my fellow radicals, who here knows where I can download the latest instructions from George Soros on doing a cultural marxism to my family unit and culture? I wish to do a gender.

alright i'll be completely honest, i have no idea why britain should or should not be part of the DC Extended Universe

i support the eu in order to punish britain for its sins

minimum wage, just the coldest take 

minimum wage shouldn't be $15 in 2021, it should have been $15 in 2010, which is $17.85 now, and it should remain pegged to the CPI and continuously updated

id like to mention how fucked up it is that humid air is LESS DENSE

Today I walked past a rusty old newspaper vending machine with a headline "NEW VIRUS VARIANT DETECTED IN MA" and I thought, "Oh, Environmental story-telling!"

Only a g and an st stand between the two
GST... Greenwich Standard Time? I am determined to get to the bottom of this mystery...

angela’s cats are the true protagonists of the office. when angela licks one of her cats using her bare tongue this is the closest she ever gets to stardom

i will once again post about how "Empre" is the gender neutral "empress/emperor"

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