Imagine just badump badunping your way down a road with hyperlink and sel chatting on the two horses next to you

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Imagine how cool it would be to travel by horseback with anyone from mastodon

This might be the wrong deity but I dont care

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Telling my friend they have big "Jupiter devouring his sun" energy and getting confused when they slap me

This post brought to you by me not knowing what chisme is

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My phone alarm will instantly give me a smattering of waking g up early for a trip /bus/event vibes

Being an engineering student is basically just being cucked by math

When an instance goes down , a solid percentage moves to snouts. Over time everyone will be there

Overpopulation subtoot 


Meta, overpopulation ,eugenics 

Gonna start my commune In Kentucky because of the state owned fiber optic network

Does anyone want to publish a website for siddons works.

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