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Genitalia, body horror 

Putting a cop hat on my dick before chopping it off

In my opinion the weather should reflect my state of mind more

I need to have an emotional/spiritual experience in a field as it is about to rain

ive heard about antifa popping out of cops chests like in Alien
scary stuff yall

keystone state more like peestone peestone poostone poostone state


serifs make numbers more or less horny?

lewd, "no homo" 

alternatively a side view of you and the boys with your hogs out, for straight reasons

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11 (chastely standing near your gf) (jesus approved number)

shooting pea stones out of my mouth like a plants versus zombies plant

this is the interesection of my weird fascination with the aesthetics of bureacracy and me being a massive homo

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i really want to own a red leather bound book with gold letters on the front "gay agenda

as a liberal, i think we should just abolish the part of daylight savings where we go back, so we just spring forward an hour every year


am i the only one who, when eating several cherries stores the pits in my lips like a chipmunk

because a slick graphics package, suit, desk and cheap camera setup is a very low barrier to entry

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okay so right wingers have enthusiastically made propaganda efforts disguised as respectable television news, have we done the same?

one time i read an entire australian government report on how to design forms for a bit

if maoist third worldism is so good why isn't there maoist fourth worldism?

the camper from the 1970s in our backyard is now externally clean for the most part, but still too gross and smelly to sleep in internally

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