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I'm a fucking teddy bear and I want you to be happy

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i'd post my best games top posts but :
- i don't have them
- none of them were that good

anyways i was like , 10 minutes in to window shopping a field hospital

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the revolution will be purchased on alibaba

okay i did hospital corners, now to do the rest of the actually important things i need to do

planning a hit on the la tacos blaseball twitter account operator

turns out dns servers? not the most user friendly software

well i just did "sudo apt install bind9"


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dya ever think about making an alternative dns root for a video game


reminder that no ones trying to stop the impending mass death, suffering and collapse from climate change

are you ever forcibly reminded how fucking gay you are

i wish i could filter words from non-mutuals

the internet: house of the rising sun in old french (800 ad)
me : 🀀

thinking about a red suit, with light purple shirt, blue tie. in my mind this suit is incredibly gay

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