this seductive ass motherfucker has got me itchin for some submarining

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They want you
They want you
They want you as a new recruit

@cuttlefish listen you gotta be on your game to man that 7 million dollar vessel

@Pawdraig πŸ‘€ someones gonna be "manning" more than just a vessel down there

@cuttlefish one need not join the Navy to get this opportunity.

My DMs are open, folks.

@cuttlefish *pitching it to the admiralty* "He's, uh... Supposed to make men want to be him? Because like... Women... Want him?"
"Sure, sounds good to us."

prostitution, joke 

@cuttlefish You can have me for way cheaper

@cuttlefish like the Six Million Dollar Man, but a good submissive is worth at LEAST another million

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