people who claim philosophy is intentionally obscurantist very rarely seem to level the same criticism to, say, physics. try reading a physics paper and a philosophy paper with no background in either and see which is easier to understand

@esvrld But you can test the physics paper, and it usually does something or carefully measures and describes a real thing. You can do the math (well, maybe not if you have a philosophy degree, but some people can!)

When philosophers really build their trolley accelerators and prove their theories, then it'll be a science instead of "getting paid to lie".


@mdhughes @esvrld have you considered testing whether or not you can shove a trolley up your ass hole?

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@cuttlefish @esvrld Math tells me a trolley is 2-3 orders of magnitude bigger, just as I don't need to test jumping to the Moon, need booster engines to exceed 11km/s.

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