whenever i'm suspicious about someone, i go to the local library and scroll through microfiche to determine that they have a dark past

well at least my laptop still works bc it's not the hard drive with all the important stuff on it

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i already cried almost all night bc of all the shit that is gone hahahahah and nc of the money i have to spend now for a new one lol it's all my fault bc i got angry at a damn game and hit my laptop i'm so fucking dumb

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idk i guess ill just buy a new one sice i don't know shit about fuck and idek where i could get it checked out since everything is closed

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if shit wasn't bad enough already one of my hard drives in my laptop is apparently broken i can't acces it anymore so tons of pictures from the last 2 ish years are gone hahahah

Shitposting? Seems channer-ish

A video of an actual fascist edit to threaten a specific person of color? Haha yeah totally cool high five!

monads, myass, and redroo have never once proactively murdered an instance. they've only ever parried into instant kills. all the trail of dead instances, they all shot first

about to fav a maga video cc'd to a brown person, unaware this will cause my name and picture to show up underneath the video

the whole concept of a leftist instance on pleroma is so funny to me sorry

Defederated from is.badat.dev due to admins posting a video of a Nazi targeted at an instance full of people of color.

I genuinely can't believe that this is controversial.

y'all ever think sometimes about how socrates looks a lot like jack black and what kind of movie would be made if you cast jack black as socrates

I'm so glad that you can turn down the wold level on genshin now bc I hadn't descended my adventurer rank in quite a while and when I finally did it went up two word levels bc I had so much ep saved up lol

#poll πŸ—³οΈ Do you love olives?

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