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hi I'm sina! I'm a bi genderfluid nonbinary person from germany and my pronouns are they/fae/she (sie/ihr is fine in german). also I'm neurodivergent and hard of hearing.
I talk a lot about my dog, my plants, my all over the place music taste and just daily stuff. I love photography and I take a lot of pictures mostly of the sky and nature in general. other interests include fashion, art, anime, gaming, paganism & witchcraft, politics, queer history and so so much more. βœŒπŸ»πŸ’«

decided to simply ignore machine gun kelly's entire existence for my own sanity

couldn't stop myself and got the english version as well πŸ₯² mostly bc of the super pretty illustrations it has

700 years bad luck if you don’t fuck a tiger this year


vagina dentata? oh you mean gash gnashers?

someone snuck in a single crumb of black pepper into the queen's beans on toast, at which point she clutched her throat, sobbing, and choked out something that might have been "so... spicy" before dying on the spot

spotted these very tiny mushroom friends today that were growing on the moss on top of an old wall πŸ„

white winter solstice
shadows of night birds
in hushed voices

people are asking a lot of questions about my "i eat bibles" t-shirt that i can't answer because my mouth is full of bibles

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