germany literally just banned headscarves, kippas, beards, dreads and some more stuff for public workers and no one is talking about it wow
and the worst part is that this all started bc of cops having nazi tattoos and they wanted to have a law to ban this but instead of just banning the tattoos or tattoos in general they went THIS way??!?!?

@deidara ???? ?? ?? ? ? ???? ?? ?? W H A T ?? ?

You're right that no one's talking about it, I can't find a thing about it, that's goddamn wild and horrible. How did no one examine the optics on that, what the fuck, what the *fuck*

@swiff I'm shocked too like I follow so many people on insta and Twitter who are either activists or just generally post a lot about such issues usually and I saw nothing??? I didn't know about this at all until like a few days ago and didn't even know how serious it actually was bc it was all very vague it's so fucked up

birdsite link 

@deidara i assumed i had to be missing something from your initial explanation of it, but no, you were spot on, it really is that nakedly horrible wow

birdsite link 

@swiff yeah I tired to sum it up a bit but there's not much to add it's just horrible

@deidara the german government never fails to absolutely fuck me up

@deidara how did they manage to make banning nazi tattoos racist

@deidara wow I had no idea that happened, and just wow

I thought Nazi symbology was already illegal in Germany outside of, like, educational purposes. Did they even "need" a law or was it just an excuse to slip this neo-Nazi shit in?

@deidara This is pretty similar to the public offices dressing code we had in Turkey until about a decade ago (almost the same to the letter actually). Was an early republican era westernisation reform law. Unsurprisingly it resulted in a lot of resentment and systematic discrimination over the years. It's one of the very few good things the Erdogan govt managed to do to undo that law. (It's one of the reasons he was supported so much despite al the bs that happened actually, people fear(ed) a return to the anti-islamist Turkey if he was to lose power).

@deidara have literally not heard a single word about that *in germany*, do you happen to have a resource (e.g. law, court case number, etc) to look that up?

@deidara also werent "signs of unconstitutional organizations" already illegal? like where's the need for another law if it was really about nazi tattoos 0.o

@deidara What the fucking fuck?
Thank you for sharing this. I spread it among the Germans I know, who will share it around as well. Let's see if anything can be done before the president signs this and it becomes official ...
All the #Germans on the Fedi, listen up! There is a #petition that needs signing:

@deidara What we need is an independent institution to investigate extremism and crime within our police and other government related organizations, the Army, …

I would guess, it's because in Germany there is still this very stong belief that all forms of extremism are equally bad. Therefore you can't punish or suppress nazis, without suppressing everyone else who does not look or think like the 1950ies stereotype of the nuclear family.

@deidara For reference, and for the German speaking ppls, this is a good article about the topic:

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