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i forgot to mention, but today i released a new episode of my webcomic! check it out here:

or here, if you prefer webtoons:

boosts are more than welcome!

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i’ve noticed that polish art schools and american art schools have pretty different expectations towards their students

Me: Oh, it's after midnight! Death to America day is over. I wonder what day it is now?
Me, checking a calendar: would you look at that, it's death to America day!

also, it sucks a lot that decent privacy and security is a privilege

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android phones are so messy, im really glad i sold my soul to the company that at least acts like they care about my privacy and security

i literally cant wait to start tattooing or go to art school, i feel like this is gonna change my life

i cant wait to get a nice pc so i can kickstart my 3D artist career

gen z is roasting millennials on tiktok skdkdkdmdjdndn and they’re all right

starting from next week i’m gonna do the recommended routine from r/bodyweightfitness and my goal is to do that for at least 12 weeks

i’m considering going to the gym, but at the same time,,,,,,, uhhhhhhhhhhh,,, there are people there, and i’m not sure whether my anxiety will let me be there

on the other hand i guess anxiety can help me burn more fat lmao

i was gonna say that it’s a shame that humans dont have tails, but then i thought about all the weird sexual stuff you could do with it, and now im kinda glad that human tails arent a thing

My webcomic has reached it’s final! please check it out here:

or here, if you prefer webtoons:

boosts are more than welcome!

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