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i forgot to mention, but today i released a new episode of my webcomic! check it out here:

or here, if you prefer webtoons:

boosts are more than welcome!

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@pizza hi, i want to switch to a different account on this instance because i wanna change my @, can you send me the magic link to make a new account here?

dead pet 

that's your pet's life, it doesn't know it's time is limited, it's just vibing while it can

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imagine you have no concept of death through your entire life and one day you just ☠️ switch off

every 6-8 months i wake up as a new person

hearing that kids use a flat palm instead of the pinky and thumb to mimic being on the phone has aged me 70 years


xanax is a beautiful thing when you have anxiety, but there's so much consequences if you're not careful

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if i feel like this tomorrow i'm going to sacrifice my last xanax pill and actually take it

maybe i'm not cut out to be an artist if i feel burned out after making like 10 paintings in a few months... other people create way more than that...

talking about body and body image issues 

turns out that i have scoliosis in my lower back, my body dysphoria is going to love this news. would i hate someone for having scoliosis? ofc not. but in my case? unacceptable

i learned that if i want to apply for animation in film school i have to make a totally different portfolio, but it's kinda okay, because it will mostly consist of things that i feel like i'm good at, but at the same time damn, i only have like 5 months before i have to submit it, and it's gotta be πŸ₯΅πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ for me to get in

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i had my vocational exam today, it went not exactly terrible, but it could've been way better

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instance block - single user, attack helicopter joke in profile, busy calling Biden a pedophile for some reason. #FediBlock

bird site 

if anybody wants to follow me on twitter feel free to do it: @ eldrichtTerror

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