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i forgot to mention, but today i released a new episode of my webcomic! check it out here:

or here, if you prefer webtoons:

boosts are more than welcome!

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Not everything you see is directed at you personally

i was expecting to be extra happy about it but :)) other things have made me a bit uncomfy :))))

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domestic violence, hiv 

good news: i'm hiv negative

bad news: my mother possibly opened the package with the test against my will (she showed it to me when it was open, said it was delivered like that), guilttripped me, and made me take the test in front of her so she would know the result :)

i dont know if i should believe her or not, the story about it being opened in delivery sounds pretty unlikely. i don't know how i feel right now

my cat really just came to me as if he was about to cuddle, and then said SIKE jumped over me and ran away

anyway um the same homophobic president got re-elected for the next 5 years, i’m kinda disappointed but im mostly apathetic because :/ what can i do about it

pls i really hope this tattoo course wont be shit, i really want this thing to work out plssss

there are so many great artists being unrecognized, so i really shouldn't be worried about not being noticed yet. i guess.

food, diet 

i'm lowkey hungry but i know i shouldn't eat more today if i wanna get a flat stomach :<

Limestone chalk under the electron microscope: composed almost entirely of the tiny skeletons of ancient ocean-dwelling organisms

'time for some game theory' (i backflip thru a window and directly into the path of an incoming bus)

cant wait to get a 1500€ PC and install linux on it

5'11" if most people ask because people deserve the truth

6'0" if a cis man asks because i don't have time for a guy who's scared of a tall queen

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