kanye having kim microwave him another nuggie plate during his rick and morty watch party with elon musk

bagel gets hot everything gets hectic then when it pops that's a dialectic

hell i could even write about peter gelderloos stuff if we wanted to talk anarchism

what if i just wrote about settlers instead for work

reading fantasy my eyes just blur over the pages

Seattle's protest really looks to be digging in on Capitol Hill for the long haul.

So much mutual aid and young folks looking to maintain a presence.

check out this twitter account for some just really great examples of people coming together:

Here's the thing, this doesn't ever have to stop. This is what community looks like.

every day my maid outfit doesn't arrive in the mail and every day I get a little bit more disappointed about that

After abolishing the police we should get rid of the CIA and FBI

i had more coffee today than I've had in like, weeks, and I slept two hours in a nap like it was nothing anyway

i should also add my assistant manager is like a musical theatre person and working coffee just pays the bills so that is a large part of why she is Like That

austerity isn't just when the state stops paying for things, austerity is when the state _replaces_ material support for people's needs with violent repression

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smoking is cool because of the combination of fire (cool) and also leafs (cool)

my actual boss has outright said that people who didn't support the riots basically weren't welcome in our store or community, which I thought was a better statement

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the assistant manager at my store posted on instagram screenshots of a long facebook post she made announcing that she personally supports BLM

I just like watching the figure of the communist, criminal, and terrorist congeal into a single, menacing blob in the imagination of the American reactionary.

just saw someone on twitter argue that defunding the police is austerity so that's enough of that for today

the line "a Spectre is haunting Europe" is iconic and well known today. but the original translation in English was "frightful hobgoblin" which I like better

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