spraying the animal crossing villagers down with a firehose because none of them have showers

Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un escapes from fascist Los Angeles police department in daring automobile chase, after recovering the long lost β€œScrolls of Juche.”

im grouchy and thinkin about deleting my account

@femforms The amount of times I click to show media, and it opens a new tab that blares music at me :/

okay here's the thihng, if i click on a media in the TL and it opens in a new time, im immediately closing the new tab. fix your website eugen

food, idk 

being an adult is feeling like you'll poop your pants after eating eggs

the short of it: kicking people off their ancestral lands to turn a small parcel of it into highly policed "public" land is bad. also it was started by teddy roosevelt which uh

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one of these days i'll do a thread on why the american national parks service is a bastion of settler colonial ideology and boy, a lot of posts by beloved people on here will look silly in hindsight

@bunne the real reason there's so much discourse and fuming mad takes about children's cartoons on tumblr is because they literally can't handle tv shows where the point of the episode isn't made abundantly clear. that's why they love YA lit too

getting permanently banned from golden corral for threating to "buy a biplane to do a mini 9/11 on the store" after being asked to stop using the cheese fountain with my bare hands

@femforms @pyxis

@galaxybrain @femforms those sorority girls on those appearance tier would not be at a party with frat guys on that appearance tier. this is my greek life assessement

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