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im a little goblin posting from my goblin hole

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stream promo b/w cute girls, ec in image 

check it totally out! Me and @triz are gonna be playing Monster Camp in just a couple days - Monday at 2PM Pacific / 5PM Eastern. Audience can play along in the chat! We'll do all the voices, we promise~

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@dankwraith howdy i am not receiving my monads email confirmation for whatever reason just a heads up


"hm i think this vegan cheese made me sick this afternoon.... what if i made another sandwich rn tho..."


My stomach hurts so bad rn I am just lying down in pain lol

The hardest part of making a new account is coming up with a new handle. No I do not just want to use the same old one again

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this website is fun because white people can upload black and white selfies where they literally glow in the dark from the flash and the caption reads "tan skinned person" lol

Ahhh the woman who basically opened the door to Lenin for me is out here praising Kamala on FB. Dont have heroes pals

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less jubilant than the shit over on bird site i mean

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logging on here and praying the so called anti capitalists of this website are less jubilant about an administration run by a rapist and a transphobe whose first real victory was crushing giving uber drivers any kind of rights lol

feel like ive been away for a while, tell me what's good masto

stupidly decided to use my first amiibo card for botw while standing on a mountain and all my loot tumbled into the lava below

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