hi it's eleanor. i accidentally got banned for replying to a bot that posts pictures of the south pole with "looks cold" so if you could boost this so i could find my own mufos I would appreciate it :blobwide_1: :blobwide82: πŸ’•

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@pizza lmao it's okay, I knew that would bite me in the butt one day

@setup the replies got reported as spam, which, fair

@femforms And here I’ve been reporting a racist troll for 2 days and still nothing :/

@restioson my admin saw my replies were marked as spam, accidentally suspended the account and unsuspended it. So I lost all my followers πŸ™ƒ

@femforms I assumed this was a joke last night, that's so ridiculous πŸ˜„

@femforms Eleanor, thank you for being 7 of my followers

browser: "You're not connected.
And the Fediverse just wasn't the same without you" 🐘 :polarbear: :polarbear:

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