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hey yall so i know that i already did a poll asking yall what i should play for my birthday stream, but i wanna redo the poll, so heres the new poll (part 1/2)

new birthday stream poll (part 2/2)

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big list of games 

*multiple games:
antichamber, deadbolt, and party hard

**a few more games (4 of the following):
the bridge, inside, limbo, okhlos: omega, rime, ruiner, snake pass, and steamworld dig

***like, 8 games:
10 second ninja x, gnog, gunpoint, high hell, minit, portal, qube, and superhot

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block recommendation

Knowingly federates with FSE, and according to their about page, are "powered by", who are a known harmful instance.

Just toss them, you're not missing anything of value

is the ceramic pumpkin a goblin?

when we’re sad we simply have to think about beebo

It's my birthday and I'll boost wonderful pictures of Wilma follwed by some kind of brain horror from Rico's tiktok if I want to

hey yall im also on @geet, im thinking about making it my main

hey yall i know that i just followed a shit ton of people from goblin camp but they dont have post searching so im over on hellsite now @geet

palm sunday is the day when i do the middle school prank of saying if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer and i hit you in the face. (guess there's some christian shit too, never been my bag, im into getting paid and getting laid)

changing twovealcutlets name has become my favorite discord joke

If I were to circumcise myself (at home) what's the best strategy?

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