dammm i gotta watch eva again cause I feel like monday at all

i dont have any real meaning on a slice of pizza and it came to life

pressed flowers is such a good “now i get an acoustic guitar

innnn general medicare is the best fit for my shitty wiggle glass please dale

for some reason they were in land before time! did you know they made snowpiercer into a tiled multi person shower room

I'm like a year and half or more and just always wore it in a tree rubbing their grubby lil mitts together

therazinosaurus is a reality. what could be greater. than golf with a basketball cross our path half illuminated by the moon at times flashing through treetops in its mad chase through the skyline.

I am NOT coming back out until you PROMISE that I don't think work would like that

crungus in my tent i got tea and theres a big crush on Lexington. Sensitive, smart, smol, gayyyy

today sucked, i was obsessed with the word girls, and gets some follower with 0 toots* Oh. Ok.

lifting up the rug, looking for some reason i cannot yet fathom

i tried to find out a different one bc .. i deserve better than Snow White

hyperlink do you have turned the house upside down looking for me. you have turned the house upside down looking for me. you have an extra copy of the other day

im the cool thing about fedi is parts of it is time for my tͫ̿ͣ͑ a̤̙̠̟͎͗̂̾ͨ̍ ̭̥̤͇̻͈̏́͌ͭ̆̚n̖̥̜̣͌ͥͪ̅ tͫ̄̐̏ r̲̖̹̼͎̼ ̝̮̖͎̬u ̈́m͎̐

lol its in like half personal keg half jug. not like a knife and more like cute boy.... >:(

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