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Yeah, I think I'm out for now. Can't really imagine going here now that Marcia X has left.

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The fedi is a racist place not because its hard to root out racism. It's been pretty easy to identify where the centers are coming from.

The fedi is racist because it wants to be racist.

It's not rocket science. It just is what it is.

People in the fedi like being hateful, angry and bigoted. It's just simple math.

The fedi itself is microcosm of Western society and it's unrelenting patience it has for violent hate and bigotry.

It's still here because people like it.

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I've said this before and I'll say it again.

The fedi is just a racist place.

Sure, people have the right buzz words in their bios and all that but it's been three years and the fedi still has the same virulently racist problem it had when I first set up PV.

People say the right things in public but they conspire behind the scenes to harass Black/Brown folks.

And it's not GAB centric people. It's your friends, your mutuals, your faves.

That's why nothing is being done about it.

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Anybody craving some platonic companionship? I'm asking for a friend.

covid in iceland 

Just in time for our second lockdown, the cafe I'd been waiting to open for the entire span of this epidemic, has opened.

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goblin camp mod action, snouts 

Due to the repeated output of white bullshit from snouts dot online users, the goblins have decided to defederate. Because we still have a scant few mutuals there, the block will go up in exactly 3 hours, at 3pm PST. Prove you aren't part of the problem and move instances, otherwise ur gone

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@FirstProgenitor i get enjoying an instance you're on and hoping for its longevity and success

i get feeling bummed if the instance slides into disrepair or closes up entirely (rip KNZK)

but the whole fedi is by design an exercise in how ephemeral things are, accepting the impermanence of it is healthy and good

There's literally no other reason for people's nostalgia for limp bizkit other than them being big 20 years ago.

covid in iceland 

Honestly been feeling better mentally today, knowing that the people around me are finally treating this plague seriously. There's people in masks, there's people maintaining distance, I feel safer, and that those close to me are safe as well.

We're about 5 years into a period where tech hasn't advanced in any meaningful way. I'm wondering what the children who are growing up in these times will think of that.

plague times in iceland 

really wish this third wave would just fuck off

also that people here took this shit seriously for once

communal living - 

Really wish I wasn't hearing loud knocking sounds and screaming from the apartment next door, at almost 4 in the morning. This building is built up to some pretty stringent codes, too, so it takes some effort.

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Announcment to people 

Hey y'all on,
your instance sucks and some instances, including, will probably defederate from it soon.

I recommend you to look for a smaller, better moderated instance and move. If you don't know where to move, best check on which instances your mufos are.
Lmk if you have difficulties moving and I'll try to help.
If we are mufos I can issue you an invite for

If you follow too many people to manually go through them and know how to run a script from the cli, you can use this script to check where your friends are:

birdsite, friend's art 

Hey, friend of mine is starting out with selling art. She's not really hoping to make a living, just getting herself out there.

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