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fedi needs protections 

Folks facing more bullshit today. And it's cuz white, male FOSS hacker ideologies are built into the Fedi's architecture, especially the idea that an individual shouldn't be curtailed by boundaries. Cuz let's face it: many early hackers cloaked themselves in digital cowboy fantasies. As Whitney Phillips argues, trolls are an extreme manifestation of this white entitlement: everyone's stories, time & pain can be converted into lulz. We need protective mechanisms on here NOW.

video games 

The overarching plot of Metal Gear is a mansplanation spanning a whole generation and resulting in the deaths of billions.

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Does anyone have any resources on cultural-historical periods outside Europe? I know plenty about renaissance and baroque and stuff. Where do I go to learn the big lines of arabic culture? Sub-saharan african culture? South asian culture?

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greek protesters threw molotov cocktails at the US embassy 2 hours ago

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The Clbuttic Mistake is a phenomenon whereby anti-obscenity filters erroneously replace offensive letter combinations with more acceptable variants. Real-life examples include ‘Buttociated Press’, ‘the British Embbutty’, and ‘plots to buttbuttinate foreign leaders’.

video games - 

NADEO, 2006: We made a game that celebrates the unifying nature of sports across borders!

Me: Cool, does Iceland exist?

NADEO: Nope!

NADEO, 2007: We made a HUGE update! All the world unite!

Me: Ehhhh?

NADEO: Still no!

NADEO, 2012: Hey look! Another one!

Me: Hey, I still-


NADEO, 2016: We made a console game where ads are super cool. Hey Iceland, count down from 3. You still don't exist, but neither do any countries besides the US and Japan.

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If people actually give a shit about PV, there is way to regularly give money to keep the instance up and running.

I hope things go well for PV in the future.

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“snakeware is a free Linux distro with a Python userspace inspired by the Commodore 64. You are booted directly into a Python interpreter, which you can use to do whatever you want with your computer.”

Bravo. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Black-led LGBTQ services and activist groups to donate to:

- The Okra Project

- Black Trans Travel Fund

- SNaPCo

- Black AIDS Institute

- Trans Cultural District

- LGBTQ Freedom Fund

- House of GG

- Trans Justice Funding Project

- Youth Breakout

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The FBI has set up an online tip site to collect information on “unlawful violent actions” going on at protests in the U.S.
It would be a shame if people used anonymous internet connections to submit misinformation, random bullshit, images of white supremacist violence from the past years, etc....

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