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Hello I’m Nathan (she/her) a dumb gay b’adhd’d trans woman constantly hyper focused on pre mid century science fiction, retrofuturism, and clothing. I began making ny own clothes about 6 months ago and haven’t been able to stop since. I do illustrations inspired in part by 1930s science fiction newspaper comics, and I’m in school to learn art and writing for video games. I’m dating @protodrew. Follow me if you’re cool and I’ll follow you if you’re cool

John Harvey Kellogg is my manic pixie dream girl

Please help, my actions are having consequences, im a victim

begpost attempt two, lost income, $1.50 in bank acct 

So I tried doing a post last week and got about a third of what I needed, and I finally got paid today and it's... Less than expected.

I already owe someone $142 and before the paycheck deposit goes through, I only have $1.50 in my bank account. So I'm in a really shitty position.

My PayPal is

Cashapp $xenocat

Venmo @ xenocat

“Male infants walk earlier, but do so after greater motor encouragement; female infants talk earlier, but are usually spoken to more. Men tend to outperform women on ‘mental rotation’ tasks, that is, when visualising the way an object would appear from a different vantage point. But the difference isn’t observed in young children and is more reliably correlated with time spent playing computer games: it’s less a question of neuroanatomy than of who has a Nintendo”

the tristate area? you mean california, oregon, and washington?

I was looking for a funny flat earth diagram for a work presentation and ran across this one and I'm just imagining the poor guy getting ostracized from the other flat earthers over his even more ridiculous theory

I haven't done a full illustration in a long time, and thought it would be fun to play around with a person in zero gravity

I haven’t done any sci fi furry stuff yet, so thought I’d give it a try

I haven’t done any sci fi furry stuff yet, so thought I’d give it a try

Thought it would be fun to start trying out digital coloring! Turns out I have to turn down the saturation on my monitor

Lil guy asked me about the world's longest baguette. It was 400 feet long and made in...


Hang your head, France. This is a national disgrace

There are two wolves inside me: sensitive femboy waluigi and angry 1930s woman in a ballgown

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