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The instance federates with, and users regularly talk with other users from shtiposter club, noagendasocial, and a litany of other racist and nazi instances

hey fedi. please may i have some resources for PTSD management. i have doctors and care etc but it's all new and so so fuckin slow and full of bullshit. if you have any links to books, info, diagrams, skills, etc please send them my way. or that would be good for my partner too. i need help and the medicalℒ️ stuff has to do "process of elimination" for me to even get near a psych eval. i can't wait any more. shit has been rly bad but i'm determined to get what i need. obviously it's not medical care but you have info or ways of organizing/recognizing/practical stuff etc i'd appreciate it deeply.
thank you so so SO much.
(boosts good, replies and dms good too)

Just a friendly reminder that moorish architecture is the ultimate form of architecture

it's been 3,000 years.... but i have finished the froggy terrarium by

alternative colors, for reasons of "I want to use the colors I have on hand" >.> but still, I like it :) also her other pixels are also great u should go check it out

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