where do I find victorian clothing

this isnt a shitpost. if you know please tell me

@kiosk like actual antique clothing? Cause that's pretty expensive, incredibly delicate, and decently hard to find. If that is what you're looking for, there are some sites where you can buy originals, but they generally go for several hundred dollars. Otherwise, antique fairs/shops, some thrift store, and vintage clothing stores can have them. That stuff can be incorrectly labelled however, I've found stuff that is incorrectly labelled as victorian but was definitely from 30s before

@gunguswungus oh yeah I would definitely go for like. replica stuff. this is very helpful, thank you!!


@kiosk generally you can look up "reproduction victorian clothing" and find some ok stuff. Etsy is also a place you can look, but because of the cross section with steampunk, a lot of stuff labelled "victorian" is a little hazy on the accuracy part. If you're looking for american 1860s stuff specifically, there are a lot of sites for civil war reenactors. You can find. If you're into sewing, etsy has loads of patterns from the regency period to the 1890s that are pretty good and well documented

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